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Are you looking for a new, exciting mystery C-drama? Then this might be the perfect one for you! Adapted from the novel by Wei Yu, “Parallel World” tells the story of Ye Liu Xi (Ni Ni) and Chang Dong (Bai Yu), a couple who joins their abilities to find the answers from their past they so desperately need in order to redeem their present. If you are wondering what makes this drama worth the while, here are five great reasons to start watching now!

1. An intriguing and thrilling plot

The desert holds great mysteries, but it seems that the biggest one there is none other than Ye Liu Xi (Ni Ni), a young woman who finds herself lost, hanging on a tree, with no idea of who she is or how she got there, and with just a few belongings beside her as the only clues to find her way home. On the other hand, there is Chang Dong (Bai Yu), a once promising desert guide who lost everything after a terrible sandstorm took the lives of his girlfriend and old expedition group.

From the very beginning, there are big questions surrounding both of the main characters in this story. Not only are there strange circumstances in which Liu Xi appeared in the desert, but there’s also the rare sandstorm where Chang Dong almost died, how no one could find the remaining bodies of the expedition group, and even some enigmatic presences that could be either lost spirits or bandits. The mystical setting of this C-drama will give you all the chills, the excitement, and even some laughs that will keep you hooked from the very first episode.

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2. Strong badass female lead

If there is something anyone loves to watch in any drama, it is a strong and independent woman who will fight all the way to get what she wants. And not only can Liu Xi fight for herself, but she will even throw a few punches here and there to protect the man who she thinks is the key to finding out who she is.


Despite her sort of weird personality, she doesn’t give up easily, which is one of the many reasons that make Chang Dong follow her all the way to the desert after two years of living in hiding. There is no doubt that Ni Ni, the actress who brings to life Liu Xi, was the perfect choice for this role as her beauty and talent stand out from the get go.

3. Bai Yu’s great acting skills

If you’ve been a C-drama fan for a while, then you must recognize Bai Yu from one of his multiple dramas. Bai Yu is not only one of the most handsome Chinese actors there is, but he is also a talented performer. Whether it is romance, a fantasy drama, or even an action film, he continuously challenges himself to show new faces of his acting skills.

This time around, he shows a new facet as the shadow puppeteer Chang Dong, who has been hiding himself as an old man after tragically losing his beloved in a sandstorm. Though at the beginning he only sees Liu Xi as the person who will show him the way to his late girlfriend’s grave in the desert, soon enough he is dragged into the mysteries that surround her and that will take them into an even greater adventure than they had believed.

4. Undeniable couple chemistry

As the story progresses, so does Liu Xi and Chang Dong’s relationship. Although they have their own restraints toward each other, they quickly open up as they know they can only trust one another in the desert. They have an undeniable chemistry that keeps pushing them closer and closer together until they no longer can deny their feelings. Whether it is destiny or misfortune which has united their lives, they are unmistakably tied together, bound to help each other to fight against every odd they find along their way in the mysteries that the desert beholds.


5. Fast-paced episodes

Despite being a fantasy and mystery drama, it also has its many comical moments that make it light enough to watch at a fast pace. Every episode has a new intriguing element, and as you get to know the truth behind every enigma there is, you will naturally want to continue watching. Don’t be afraid by the fact that it is set to be a 38-episode drama as they have no more than 35 minutes per episode. You even could end up feeling like it is not enough as you will eagerly wait to know more about the secrets that hide in the Yumen desert.


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