NCT NEW TEAM Announces Jungmin’s Departure From Group

NCT’s newest unit, which was formed through the reality show “NCT Universe : LASTART,” has announced Jungmin’s departure due to health reasons.

Read the statement from SM Entertainment below:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We express gratitude to fans who are waiting for the debut of NCT NEW TEAM (tentative name), and we are sharing an announcement regarding Jungmin who was selected as a pre-debut member.

After confirming the pre-debut members, NCT NEW TEAM was preparing to greet fans through the pre-debut tour that begins on October 8.

However, due to health reasons, Jungmin recently halted practice and other activities and was focusing on treatment. As official activities are beginning soon, we continuously discussed the possibility for Jungmin’s participation in activities with him along with his family and medical staff.

After deep consideration with Jungmin’s health as the top priority, Jungmin will not join NCT NEW TEAM and return to being a trainee, deciding to completely focus on recovery.

We feel apologetic to cause concern with sudden news to fans who were cheering on Jungmin’s debut, and we will support Jungmin so that he can focus on treatment and recovery and take on new activities in good health.

As a result, NCT NEW TEAM will carry out activities with six members from now on. They are preparing hard in order to impress fans, so please show warm support and interest.

We once again ask for the generous understanding of fans. Thank you.

Wishing Jungmin a speedy recovery!

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