Rowoon And Jo Bo Ah Are Saddened By The Knowledge Of Their Past Lives In

JTBC’s “Destined With You” has shared new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!

“Destined With You” is a romance drama starring Rowoon as Jang Shin Yu, a lawyer bound by a centuries-old curse, and Jo Bo Ah as Lee Hong Jo, a civil servant who holds the key to Jang Shin Yu’s freedom in the form of a banned book that was sealed 300 years ago. Ha Jun plays Kwon Jae Kyung, a popular man at Onju City Hall whom Lee Hong Jo has a crush on.


Previously, an unexpected twist occurred as Lee Hong Jo recalled the memories of her past life. She was shocked by the truth that Jang Shin Yu in his past life as Mu Jin (Rowoon) was connected to her death in her past life as Aeng Cho (Jo Bo Ah).

The newly released stills capture the sad gazes of Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu. In particular, Lee Hong Jo is lost in her sadness as she appears close to tears while staring at the gift Jang Shin Yu gave her as a token of his feelings. Lee Hong Jo remains in a state of shock after discovering that she was the one who had cursed Jang Shin Yu in her past life as Aeng Cho and that she was killed by Mu Jin.

Jang Shin Yu is in a similar state of distress, with a complex mix of emotions on his face while getting drunk. The preview for episode 13 showed Lee Hong Jo pushing Jang Shin Yu away, raising anticipation for how their fates will unfold going forward.

Furthermore, the stills hint at Lee Hong Jo facing a dangerous situation. Even the police are present, and Lee Hong Jo appears greatly frightened, hinting at a serious incident. Jang Shin Yu, who immediately ran over to her side, is filled with concern.

The production team shared, “As the secrets of their past lives surface, there will be changes to the fates of Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu,” asking viewers to stay tuned to see what choice Lee Hong Jo will make and whether Jang Shin Yu will be able to capture her heart.

The next episode of “Destined With You” will air on October 4 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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