Netflix Teases Suzy And Yang Se Jong's Chemistry And Reveals More Share House Residents In Upcoming Drama

“Doona!” has unveiled exciting new stills ahead of its premiere!

Based on the webtoon “The Girl Downstairs,” “Doona!” is a romance drama about ordinary university student Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) and retired K-pop idol Doona (Suzy) who meet at a share house.

On October 5, Netflix dropped a series of captivating new stills, offering a sneak peek into the lives of the two main leads as well as other residents of the share house.

Doona, who is at the height of her fame as a member of the popular idol group Dream Sweet, unexpectedly announces her retirement and hides in a share house near a university. Leading a solitary life with no friends, she encounters Won Jun at the share house and initially mistakes him for a stalker, leading her to treat him coldly. However, despite her chilly demeanor, Won Jun continues to take care of her when she’s in a difficult situation, piquing her curiosity. Eventually, she surprises him with an invitation to share a meal, causing their worlds to start intertwining.

On the other hand, Won Jun finally decides to move to a share house near his school after enduring lengthy commutes due to his ailing younger sibling and mother. His hectic life hardly leaves room for romance, yet, he finds himself captivated and intrigued by Doona’s unexpected appearances. As these two individuals from different worlds engage in ordinary daily activities together, they grow closer, gradually becoming entangled in each other’s lives.

The following set of stills introduces a diverse cast of characters who also reside in the share house. When Won Jun’s high school friend Kim Jin Joo (Ha Young) and his childhood nemesis Choi Yi Ra (Park Se Wan) pay a visit to the share house, intriguing tensions begin to surface in Doona and Won Jun’s relationship. Additionally, there are characters like Goo Jeong Hoon (Kim Do Wan), a man with his own unwavering principles, and Seo Yoon Taek (Kim Min Ho), who may lack social awareness but has a knack for getting involved in others’ affairs. These characters, residing on the same floor as Won Jun, will bring moments of humor and laughter to the drama.

Suzy expressed her anticipation, saying, “Since this is a drama where we worked alongside young actors of similar age, I’m excited and look forward to the chemistry that will be shown at the share house. These actors are the ones who have added a unique charm and vibrant colors to this series.” Yang Se Jong added, “In ‘Doona!,’ each character brings their own unique backstory, and I believe that’s one of the enjoyable aspects to look forward to in the drama.”

Director Lee Jung Hyo described “Doona!” as “a compelling drama that goes beyond the boundaries of the romance genre and will make viewers reflect on their youth or present time.” He added, “I think it would be fun if viewers gather with close friends on a Friday night, watch the series, and share how their personal love stories resonate with the drama.”

“Doona!” is set to premiere on October 20. Watch a teaser here!

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