Park Sung Woong Reunites With Seo Young Joo In

“The Killing Vote” has shared brand new stills!

Based on a popular webtoon, “The Killing Vote” asks the question “What is your idea of justice?” and delves into the concept of a nationwide death penalty vote against vicious criminals who deftly manage to escape the law’s blind spots. The drama highlights the story of a mysterious figure known as “Gae Tal” (dog mask), who executes the death penalty depending on the results of a vote, and the police who are pursuing them.

Park Hae Jin plays Kim Moo Chan, the head of Team 1 of the regional investigation unit at the Southern Provincial Police Agency. Lim Ji Yeon plays the role of Joo Hyun, a fifth-year lieutenant at the Cyber Security Bureau of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Park Sung Woong stars as Kwon Suk Joo, a long-term prison inmate who turned himself in after personally killing the culprit who sexually assaulted his eight-year-old daughter.


In the previous episode of “The Killing Vote,” Kim Moo Chan took time to collect his thoughts after he became the target of the death penalty vote because of Lee Min Soo (Kim Kwon). He meticulously went over the events of the death penalty vote, starting with the death of Kwon Suk Joo’s daughter eight years prior. Kim Moo Chan realized that the death penalty vote was Kwon Suk Joo’s reply to Lee Min Soo, meaning that Kwon Suk Joo was the real mastermind behind the death penalty vote in the first place.

Meanwhile, while Joo Hyun was looking through the letters sent to Kwon Suk Joo from his “No. 1 fan” Lee Min Soo, she realized that the very first letter was missing. She visited Kwon Suk Joo at the police station to question him about the missing letter. However, at that moment, just as Joo Hyun picked up a call from Kim Moo Chan, a loud bang was heard, and the walls of the police station suddenly burst open. Joo Hyun collapsed in shock, while Kwon Suk Joo escaped in a truck that broke through the wall. Viewers are shocked by the latest plot twist of Kwon Suk Joo, who had been working with police officers Kim Moo Chan and Joo Hyun to track down Gae Tal, being the real Gae Tal.

After escaping from the police station, Kim Moo Chan reunites with high school student Kim Ji Hoon (Seo Young Joo) whom he almost adopted in the past. With the shocking plot twist at the ending of the eighth episode, viewers are curious about what will happen to Kim Moo Chan, Kwon Suk Joo, and Joo Hyun and wondering if Kim Moo Chan and Joo Hyun will be able to track down Kwon Suk Joo.

The production team of “The Killing Vote” commented, “As we enter the second half of the drama, there will be a stronger and more powerful plot twist. Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, Lim Ji Yeon, and all the other actors will give their best performances. We ask for your interest and anticipation.”

The next episode of “The Killing Vote” will air on October 19 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch Park Sung Woong and Park Hae Jin in “Man to Man” below:

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