7 K-Pop Idols Whose Athletic Skills Will Leave You Speechless

Being a K-pop idol isn’t easy—on top of being able to sing and rap, idols are also expected to dance and give a great performance in front of live audiences. There’s a certain level of athleticism required for just that, but there are several stars that go above and beyond! For some jaw-dropping feats and displays of athletic capability, just keep scrolling.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan has proven himself a superstar athlete on many occasions, including when the group participated in a Sports Day event on “Kingdom: Legendary War.” This clip, from the 2020 “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” succinctly shows just how incredible of an athlete Bang Chan is – watch how easily he makes first place in this 60 meter sprint!

Watch “Kingdom: Legendary War” below:

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A former professional ballerina turned K-pop idol, it comes as no surprise that Kazuha is seriously in shape. She performed more than 80 sit-ups in two minutes when the group appeared on “Idol’s Physical Race,” prompting idol trainer and show MC Jigi to say that she might even be better at sit-ups than he is! She has some incredible core strength and the abs to show for it.

WEi’s Kim Yo Han

If you’re not familiar with competitive taekwondo, there are a couple types. One is demonstrated by a national champion on this episode of “TMI Show.” You might recognize another guest—it’s WEi’s Kim Yo Han! Another former national champion in taekwondo, Kim Yo Han shows off some amazing strength, flexibility, and control with this balloon challenge. It’s no easy feat!

Kep1er’s Xiaoting

Xiaoting of Kep1er makes a performance like this look easy, but it’s not! A former professional ballroom dancer who changed careers to become a K-pop idol, it takes years of intense training to reach this level. It’s clear that her skills are still sharp despite the career change, and everyone at the 2022 “Idol Star Athletics Championships” was blown away by her performance.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

Sometimes, ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon looks more at home on the ice than he does on dry land! Once a nationally-ranked figure skater, Sunghoon is now a K-pop idol. You can see proof of his athleticism here in this episode of “EN-O’CLOCK”—he literally skates circles around the other members and even performs his own figure skating version of one of ENHYPEN’s title tracks. It’s well worth the watch!

Jeon Somi

Another taekwondo athlete with some serious skill, this short behind-the-scenes clip is only a small taste of soloist Jeon Somi’s athletic capabilities. Her flexibility is incredible as is her precision when aiming her taekwondo kicks. It’s amazing how she can make a straight line with her legs—a feat that would probably have most people in the emergency room after one attempt!

BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook has tried (and succeeded!) at several sports over the course of his career in K-pop, but one he stands out in is boxing! Those who’ve tried it know just how much athleticism it takes to gain and maintain this kind of skill—it’s an endurance sport and surprisingly exhausting. If you can keep up with a workout routine like Jungkook’s, you might just be a pro athlete yourself!

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