Oh Jung Se’s Agency Releases Statement On Fatal Car Accident In Which He Was A Passenger

Oh Jung Se’s agency has formally addressed the fatal car accident in which the actor was a passenger.

On the evening of October 18, an employee of Oh Jung Se’s agency (hereafter referred to as “C”) was driving the actor in South Chungcheong Province when their car hit a cultivator on the road. The police arrived on the scene after receiving a report from a witness that a passenger van had struck a cultivator.

Although the driver of the cultivator, a man in his sixties, was taken to the hospital by the fire department, he ultimately passed away. His wife, who was riding the cultivator with him, was also seriously injured, and she was rushed to a hospital by emergency medical helicopter.

C, who was mildly injured in the accident, is said to have gone to the hospital for treatment as well. Oh Jung Se was also examined at the hospital for mild bruises before being sent home.

On October 20, Oh Jung Se’s agency Prain TPC released the following statement regarding the accident:

First, before our official statement, we would like to ask for the understanding of those who have been waiting for an agency statement on the October 18 car accident that took place in Geumsan County in South Chungcheong Province.

– After hearing the news of our company car’s accident on October 18, the CEO and other employees went down to the site of the accident. The driver of the car who got into the accident was investigated by the police, and actor Oh Jung Se, who was a passenger in the car, was examined and treated at the hospital. We listened to what the driver had to say, and we looked into the accident in a variety of ways, such as checking video footage from the time of the accident. Without grasping the severity of the accident, our desire to quickly take the proper measures was futile, and one person passed away from the accident. After that, we prioritized the victim above all other matters.

– We do not think it is respectful to the deceased to focus on the actor who was a passenger in the news of this accident, and the [bereaved] family is said to be emotionally suffering even more because of that.

We have also decided that our actor, who was a passenger in this incident, should not be our focus in discussing this matter. However, because the driver was an employee of our company and this incident occurred while he was on the job, we plan to diligently take part in whatever legal responsibility is determined after investigations reveal whether there was negligence and to what degree, and if necessary, we will take even more responsibility. We think we will have to wait until the investigations are complete to release our agency’s official statement [on the matter].

Instead, right now is a time when we should be focusing our time and emotions on comforting the victim and the bereaved family, and that is what we are currently doing. Our actor is participating in that process as well.

– At present, inaccurate information about the identity of the driver and what took place during the accident is being reported. For example, we don’t know the origin of rumors such as the one that the cultivator suddenly cut in [front of the car], but it is neither the driver’s testimony nor a confirmed account of events. We have heard that the bereaved family, with whom we met, is currently being wounded by such words and comments. Until the investigations are complete, we ask for your generous understanding in regards to our choice not to say too much, and for now, we hope that you will join us in offering our blessings to the departed who lost his life in this unfortunate accident.

Once the investigations have ended, we will release a statement with a detailed explanation.

Thank you.

We offer our deepest condolences to the bereaved family during this painful time.

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