3 Hilariously Dramatic Moments From Episode 3 & 1 Thing To Expect From Episode 4 Of “A Good Day To Be A Dog”

Time flew by and brought with it another episode of “A Good Day to Be a Dog.” This new episode left us with so many things to enjoy, laugh, and swoon over that it is almost impossible to resume them. However, here are some of the most hilarious and dramatic ones that we could see in episode 3.

Warning: spoilers for episode 3 below

1. Han Hae Na and Choi Yool’s explanation to Jin Seo Won

Episode 2 ended with an almost illegal cliffhanger where Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo) found out Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) in a more than compromising situation—in none other than his teenager nephew Choi Yool’s (Yoon Hyun Soo’s) room. Episode 3 starts off with both the teacher and student having to quickly come up with a believable (or not so much) excuse to explain her presence there without revealing her secret.

From the comical way of communicating between Han Hae Na and Choi Yool to Jin Seo Won not believing a single word, every moment of this scene is priceless. Though the situation is rather dramatic—since it is the worst situation any teacher could find themselves in—it’s also impossible not to laugh because of the funny dynamic between the three of them. Based on this scene, they will surely be giving us more moments to enjoy in the future.


2. Han Hae Na covering Jin Seo Won’s fear of dogs

If there was one star in this week’s episode, it was definitely the vice director’s chubby little dog Man Deuk. What Seo Won expected to be another normal day at school turned into his worst nightmare. The little guest in the teacher’s office gives him several headaches, almost exposing his fear of dogs to the rest of the teachers. But thankfully, Han Hae Na is there to save the day.

With not so subtle methods, Hae Na helps Seo Won in the most critical moments. Whether it is pushing him out of the way or throwing a toy in the air, these moments draw so much laughter in every one of them. Their joint efforts result in Seo Won being able to conceal his secret from everyone—or at least almost everyone—as it is hinted that professor Lee Bo Kyum (Lee Hyun Woo) could figure something out, making him more than suspicious.

3. Jin Seo Won hiding Han Hae Na behind an umbrella

There were many hilarious moments throughout episode 3, but we also get to see Hae Na and Seo Won starting to slowly get rid of their misunderstandings. Now that Hae Na is aware of Seo Won’s fear of dogs, the two of them start to open up to each other and finally get closer. It’s also revealed that Seo Won has had a certain interest in Hae Na since the beginning but decided to step back when he noticed her interest in his friend.


It was rather funny seeing Seo Won’s clumsy attempts to approach Hae Na as more than just a colleague, and Hae Na tries to look her best in an effortless and nonchalant way. The peak of this week’s episode is, without a doubt, when Seo Won hides Hae Na and himself from a persistent coworker under a yellow umbrella, gifting us with a swoon-worthy moment. Will this be the start of their blooming relationship? Sadly, we will have to wait a whole week to know the answer.

4. More insight about professor Lee Bo Kyum

Something that is rather disappointing is that this K-drama only airs one episode per week, which means we will have to wait for many more answers a little longer. However, the final preview for episode 4 gives some hints on what to expect in the next episode. Although their colleague’s wedding will surely bring some exciting moments, what really should pique your interest are the little clues here and there about Lee Bo Kyum’s true identity.

Episode 3 shows that there is indeed a connection in the past that is important for understanding the present. Even though it’s not completely clear just yet, there is something suspicious with teacher Bo Kyum. Could it be that there is much more hidden behind his sweet and friendly smile? We shall have to wait and see how all of this unfolds in episode 4, so don’t miss out on any minute of it!

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