Exclusive Interview: EVNNE Talks First Impressions, Role Models, How They Spend Free Time, And More

New project group EVNNE is making a splash with their debut!

EVNNE consists of the seven members Keita, Park Hanbin, Lee Jeonghyeon, Yoo Seungeon, Ji Yunseo, Mun Junghyun, and Park Jihoo who competed together on the hit Mnet survival program “Boys Planet” earlier this year. Following the group’s debut with the mini album “Target: ME” and the title track “TROUBLE” last month, the members took time to speak with Soompi about their album, group dynamics, and some fun facts about themselves.

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What was the most memorable part of the preparation process for your debut album?

Keita: It was significant for us that our members could contribute to the lyrics starting with our debut album. The fact that our ideas were reflected from the debut album onwards is something we really appreciate. It’s great to showcase, even briefly, the ways in which we can connect with our fans in the future and the different forms we can take to approach them.

Yoo Seungeon: I vividly remember the first time I heard the name EVNNE. Up until that point, it hadn’t felt real to me, but when our agency said, “You will debut under the name EVNNE,” that’s when it truly hit me. I thought, “Ah, this is really the beginning,” and that’s when the reality of our debut really sunk in.

Mun Junghyun: I remember when I first heard our title track “TROUBLE.” I’ve always had a preference for intense music, and when I listened to our song “TROUBLE,” I immediately thought, “Ah, this is our song,” and, “We can really make it with this song.” I was really looking forward to our debut from that moment.

Excluding your own parts, what is your favorite part in “TROUBLE”?

Park Hanbin: I love “Because my name is TROUBLE” because it seems to summarize the entire song in one line.

Lee Jeonghyeon: I love Seungeon’s part “more everyday, I cannot be satisfied” because I resonate with the attitude of not knowing how to be satisfied and constantly striving for improvement, which accurately represents our group EVNNE.

Mun Junghyun: I also resonate with Seungeon’s part “to your heart, shot” which expresses that EVNNE targets the hearts of those who listen to us, aligning perfectly with the theme of our “Target: ME” album.

Which “Boys Planet” performance was most memorable for you? 

Yoo Seungeon: For me, it’s the final performance. I remember telling my parents, “Even though my current ranking is low, I will make it to the finals and make sure you can come and watch me perform.” Then when I actually made it to the finals, having my parents and relatives there to watch me perform made me incredibly happy. It’s a cherished memory.

Ji Yunseo: The first round of the competition was the first time I stood on stage since I was born. It was a proud moment as it was my first performance. The fact that fans were there in front of me and cheered for me made it an even more enjoyable, radiant, and memorable moment.

Mun Junghyun: As I was part of the first performance during the first round of the competition, I also remember feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness, but I was able to enjoy the performance and shake off the nerves because of the support of the fans in front of me.

Which member gave you the strongest first impression?

Ji Yunseo: I first met Seungeon in the practice room. When I entered the practice room, there was someone working incredibly hard, drenched in sweat, and he looked very handsome and cool. That intense first impression made me think that he was a very diligent trainee who is older than me. However, I later found out that the hard-working person was actually Yoo Seungeon, who is the same age as me.

Park Jihoo: For me, it would be Keita. When I first heard the news that he was going to participate in “Boys Planet,” I was extremely surprised and was thinking “Wow, I’ll actually get to see a real celebrity.” Even at the filming site, I remember him having a very powerful presence of a senior artist. Of course, now he feels more like an affectionate and friendly leader and older brother.

What are the pros and cons of living together?

Keita: It’s not something that bothers me, but since I tend to sleep a lot, Seungeon has taken on the role of waking me up every morning, so I’m always grateful for that.

Park Hanbin: Yunseo really takes care of all the members like a mother. He keeps our living space incredibly clean, and his attention to detail and thoughtfulness toward others make living with Yunseo so wonderful.

Yoo Seungeon: Having people to rely on anytime has definitely made things better. I tend to be talkative, so having more people to talk to makes me happy.

Ji Yunseo: We communicate well, and our personalities match really well so there’s no trouble all living together in the dorm. We all spend time together and have a lot of fun.

Park Jihoo: While being together, we are not only growing in terms of our performance and skills, but we also learn a lot about group dynamics and living as a team. I think that’s a huge advantage of living together.

What is a song that gave you strength during your trainee days?

Lee Jeonghyeon: Personally, I consider Dean’s “21” as the most cherished song in my life. Even though I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, I still listen to it tirelessly. While I introduce myself as a rapper in EVNNE, I have a significant aspiration for vocal skills as well. I developed my dreams while continuously listening to “21” by Dean, who flawlessly handles both rapping and singing.

Yoo Seungeon: For me, “Light Switch” by Charlie Puth made me think a lot about my path as an artist. Interestingly, not only the song itself, but I was impressed when watching behind-the-scenes of the song production and how he creates music in everyday life. I consider it a song that inspired me to aspire to be an artist who can draw inspiration anytime and anywhere from daily life and surroundings.

What have you recently enjoyed watching in your free time?

Park Hanbin: I enjoy watching movies, and lately, I’ve been making an effort to read a lot to take care of my mental well-being. I find myself particularly drawn to books like “To You, Who Can Only Do Well” or “It’s Okay to Take a Break” which provide comfort and encourage reflection on life.

Yoo Seungeon: I watch YouTube videos often, especially live singing videos!

Mun Junghyun: I enjoy watching movies and dramas. Recently, I watched the movie “Elemental” and really enjoyed it!

Is there anywhere you want to travel or something you want to do together as a group?

EVNNE: Since we just debuted, we’ve been focused on practice, so we haven’t had much time to think about traveling. Nonetheless, we do want to travel and meet fans everywhere. Many people have passionately supported us both in Korea and overseas since our trainee days. It would be like a dream come true if we could have the opportunity to express our gratitude to each and every one of them and enjoy the stage together.

Who is your role model, or is there an artist that inspired you to become an idol?

Mun Junghyun: For me, watching performances by senior groups like Wanna One inspired me to dream of becoming an idol. Now, having achieved that dream with EVNNE’s debut, I hope I can grow into an artist who can inspire dreams just as I was inspired by others when I watched them.

Park Jihoo: Back in fifth grade of elementary school, watching Block B performances sparked my dream. Initially, I started by learning dancing, and then I gradually picked up vocals and rapping. This journey led me to cultivate the dream of becoming an idol.

What supportive words from fans do you like to hear the most?

EVNNE: Now that we’ve debuted, all that’s left is to showcase our charms in various ways and repay the love of our ENNVE (EVNNE’s official fandom name). We want to show ENNVE the best of us every time, so hearing “you’re doing well” would probably give the best feeling.

Are there any goals you want to achieve together with EVNNE?

EVNNE: The very first goal for EVNNE is to get first place on a music show. If we achieve first place, we can celebrate with the staff and fans who have worked hard and supported us through thick and thin. Looking at the bigger picture, we aim for all our members to continuously improve in various aspects and showcase all of our charms. We know we can show even more diverse aspects and concepts in the future, so we plan to work hard to achieve as much as we can.

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EVNNE: Hello Soompi readers, this is EVNNE! Thanks to the immense support from our fans, we finally made our debut with “Target: ME”! This album includes not only the exciting title track “TROUBLE” but also various tracks that reflect our thoughts on debuting. We ask for your love and interest. EVNNE will continue to rise higher, shining even brighter in the future. Please stay tuned for the exciting days ahead! Thank you!

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