Disney+’s upcoming series “Vigilante” has dropped a new poster!

Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Vigilante” follows the story of Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk), an exemplary police university student who upholds the law by day but becomes a vigilante by night, taking matters into his own hands against criminals who escape justice.

The newly released poster captures the tension surrounding Kim Ji Yong and his three relentless pursuers. Kim Ji Yong’s dual identity is vividly depicted as he gazes in opposite directions, symbolizing his starkly contrasting roles as an exemplary police student by day and a dark hero serving justice by night. The visual juxtaposition between his two personas, donned in a black hoodie and a pristine police uniform, eloquently accentuates this duality. Furthermore, Nam Joo Hyuk’s distinct expressions and gaze contribute to heightened expectations for his first action project, where he is anticipated to showcase his versatility and meticulous acting in breathing life into these multifaceted characters.

Beneath Kim Ji Yong, the poster introduces key characters in pursuit of Vigilante, each driven by their own motives. Chief Investigator Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae) of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit, the enthusiastic Vigilante fan and second-generation chaebol Jo Kang Ok (Lee Joon Hyuk), and reporter Choi Mi Ryeo (Kim So Jin) who is eager to feature Vigilante for her major exclusive story, each contributes a unique personality and presence, heightening the anticipation of their converging paths with Vigilante albeit for different purposes.

Jo Heon’s stern gaze exudes commanding charisma, establishing him as an imposing character within the series. Jo Kang Ok with his mysterious smirk and sideways glance embodies an enigmatic persona, leaving viewers curious about the unique energy he brings to the storyline. Choi Mi Ryeo’s resolute expression hints at her unwavering determination in her pursuit of Vigilante, igniting interest in her character’s depth.

Lastly, the caption, “I’ll show you what real justice is,” alludes to Vigilante’s mission to rectify legal gaps and redefine the true meaning of justice according to his beliefs.

“Vigilante” is set to premiere on November 8, with two new episodes released every Wednesday for a total of eight episodes. Watch the latest teaser here!

While waiting, watch Nam Joo Hyuk in “Remember” below:

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