Exclusive Interview: Kim Young Dae And Pyo Ye Jin Talk

The premiere of “Moon in the Day” is just a day away!

Based on a hit webtoon, “Moon in the Day” tells a chilling and heartbreaking love story that spans 1,500 years. Moving back and forth between the past and present, the drama will follow a man for whom time has stopped after being killed by his lover and a woman who has lost her memories of her past life and continues to “flow like a river.” Kim Young Dae takes on the dual roles of Han Jun Oh, a well-known top star in Korea, and Do Ha, an elite noble of the Silla Dynasty. Pyo Ye Jin plays the dual roles of Kang Young Hwa, a firefighter-turned-bodyguard, and Han Ri Ta, the sole survivor of a noble family from Daegaya (a city-state) in the Silla Dynasty.

Gearing up for the premiere, Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin spoke to Soompi about their drama and also revealed more about themselves for fans.

Check out our interview below:

Which scene in “Moon in the Day” are you looking forward to the most?

Kim Young Dae: I’m most looking forward to the battle scene. I practiced and filmed diligently, so I think it’s a scene I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Pyo Ye Jin: I am most curious about how Young Hwa and Han Ri Ta will be linked as the setting goes back and forth between the two time periods of the [characters’] past lives and present lives.

Excluding your own character, which character’s personality do you think is most similar to yours? 

Kim Young Dae: I think I’m most similar to the character Yoon Je. There was a moment when I felt I was similar to Yoon Je’s straightforward and honest personality.

Pyo Ye Jin: Although you asked to exclude my own character, I think I’m still closest to Young Hwa. Young Hwa, who is courageous, very affectionate, and has a strong sense of responsibility, is most similar to me.

Is there any extra effort you put in to portray two characters? 

Kim Young Dae: I wanted to portray the differences between each character distinctively so that viewers could also feel them, and I paid the most attention to capturing the unique characteristics of each character.

Pyo Ye Jin: Without even trying to portray the two characters Young Hwa and Ri Ta differently, there are differences in many aspects such as the time periods in which each character lives, their backgrounds, and their personalities. Therefore, I focused on each character separately when acting. In particular, Han Ri Ta’s narrative is deep and strong, so I tried hard to understand Ri Ta’s situation and emotions.

What kind of comments or reviews do you hope to hear from viewers?

Kim Young Dae: I want to hear that it is a fun drama to watch!

Pyo Ye Jin: I hope they end up together..? There’s nothing more I can hope for if [viewers] fall deep and cheer on the heart-wrenching fate of Young Hwa and Jun Oh as well as Ri Ta and Do Ha.

What do you think are the MBTI personality types of your “Moon in the Day” characters?

Kim Young Dae: ISTJ for Do Ha and ENFP for Jun Oh.

Pyo Ye Jin: I think Young Hwa, who is bright and healthy, is E and F, while I think the strong Ri Ta who suppresses and endures pain is I and F but continuously working to become T.

What does your cast usually talk about in your group chat? Which actor is the most active?

Kim Young Dae: We usually talk about our schedules. We often talk all together, and I think On Joo Wan who plays Han Min Oh is the most active.

Pyo Ye Jin: I think Moon Ye Won, who plays Young Hwa’s roommate Na Yeon, is the most active in the group chat. In the chat, we usually send encouraging messages to gain strength after we each finish filming or cheer each other on while sending photos taken on set.

What is the most memorable food you ate on set?

Kim Young Dae: Ramyun. I think ramyun is the most delicious when eating it out in a hungry state.

Pyo Ye Jin: On Joo Wan recently sent a snack truck to the set of our drama, and the chicken skewers were really delicious. I think everyone liked them.

What type of role that you haven’t acted out yet would you like to try for a role in the future?

Kim Young Dae: A firefighter. I experienced being a firefighter briefly in “Moon in the Day,” and it made me think that I want to take on the challenge more deeply next time.

Pyo Ye Jin: I want to try acting out a professional role like a lawyer or doctor. I’m also curious about what I would be like when acting out a very sharp and intelligent role.

What is the most nerve-racking moment of beginning a new drama?

Kim Young Dae: Filming, the first script reading session, the first broadcast, all of these first moments are the most nerve-wracking.

Pyo Ye Jin: Every moment of beginning a new project is nerve-racking, but I think the day of the first script reading is the most nerve-wracking for some reason. I tend to get really nervous because it’s when I greet staff members and also act out lines with other actors for the first time.

What do you enjoy watching on YouTube?

Kim Young Dae: These days, I enjoy watching soccer videos.

Pyo Ye Jin: I usually use YouTube to listen to music. I turn on playlists fitting for every situation, the weather, or my mood.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to these days?

Kim Young Dae: I am enjoying music from the OST of the “Moon in the Day” webtoon.

Pyo Ye Jin: These days, I play fall playlists, or I listen to Baek Yerin a lot because I like her music.

What is something new that you want to learn one day?

Kim Young Dae: Archery.

Pyo Ye Jin: There is so much I want to learn if I have the time. I want to constantly study English and Chinese, string instruments like violin, and I’m not good at dancing so I want to learn how to use my body.

Please share any TMI about yourself for fans!

Kim Young Dae: I ate honey rice cakes at a street market.

Pyo Ye Jin: I have filming tomorrow, and I have to wake up at 6 a.m.!

Please share a word for international fans tuning into “Moon in the Day”!

Kim Young Dae: We’re putting in all our effort in filming “Moon in the Day,” so please look forward to it. Be healthy and happy!

Pyo Ye Jin: I’m happy and excited to finally show you all “Moon in the Day,” which we have worked hard on filming. I would be thankful if you fondly watch over the emotional fates of Jun Oh and Young Hwa as well as Do Ha and Ri Ta.

“Moon in the Day” premieres on November 1 at 9 p.m. KST and airs every Wednesday and Thursday.

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