4 K-Dramas To Watch If You Loved Yang Se Jong in “Doona!”

October has brought some of the most anticipated K-dramas of the year. One of them in particular was “Doona!” the drama that brought Yang Se Jong and Suzy together on screen. The notable webtoon to K-drama adaptation has left many fans eager for more, as it was Yang Se Jong’s comeback drama since he was discharged from his mandatory military service. If you already watched this show and can’t help but wish to see more of this beloved actor, then here are some K-drama recommendations that surely will captivate you.

Dr. Romantic

This drama was Yang Se Jong’s official acting debut, in which he quickly stole the hearts of many people with his charismatic character Do In Beom. Despite being part of the supporting cast, he demonstrated great talent and brilliant potential. Alongside consolidated actors like Seo Hyun Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Han Suk Kyu, this drama is among the favorites of those who enjoy a good medical drama. With sprinkles of romance and emotional distress, it not only shows the cool side of a surgeon’s life, but it also depicts the many struggles they face as a person.

This show became so popular that it even got a second and third season. And though the main couple changed in the second season, you can still enjoy a special appearance of Yang Se Jong in Season 2 of this popular drama, something that also shows how meaningful this drama was for him. If you didn’t know he was part of the show, this is your chance to see him as a cool and quirky doctor.

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Degree of Love

If you watched the previous drama and thought that Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin had great chemistry together—even without being the main couple—then you will certainly love them in “Degree of Love.” This K-drama from 2017 mixes all the warmth of romance and good cuisine in one show, giving us an unmatched romance drama where a young man with a decisive character meets a woman who is struggling to progress in her career. He falls in love with her, but their relationship doesn’t progress like they hoped as he is a few years younger than her and is just starting his career while she is not a hopeless romantic willing to risk everything for love.

Here, Yang Se Jong not only shows all of his handsome traits and sweet smile, but he also brings to life a one-of-a-kind male lead, one with unwavering love, strong convictions, and excellent cooking skills, turning him into the prince charming every modern woman wishes to meet at least once in a lifetime. Yang Se Jong’s great performance in this drama granted him several awards, with Best New Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards being one of the most important ones.

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“My Country: The New Age”

When it comes to historical dramas, you may either love them or can’t stand them at all, but sometimes it only takes the right cast and plot to turn your hate into love or your love into adoration. And this drama might probably be it. “My Country: The New Age” is Yang Se Jong’s second historical drama—although this time, in a lead role. In this drama, he plays Seo Hwi, a natural warrior with a deep sense of justice and honor who faces several struggles, the biggest being having to fight against his long-time friend, Nam Seon Ho (Woo Do Hwan), due to their different stances in the political war that is happening in their country.

This drama has one of those very intricate plots that involves a lot of political and historical context. As it is set during the end of the Goryeo period and the beginning of the Joseon period, it can get a little heavy to follow along. But the visual attractiveness that it has, especially during their fight scenes, and the great acting from renowned actors such as Jang Hyuk and Kim Young Chul makes this historical drama a must-watch for sure.

30 But 17

First love can be quite memorable, but this K-drama takes that meaning to a whole new level. In this show, Yang Se Jong is the eccentric but talented designer Gong Woo Jin, a man so involved in his work that he even forgets to shave for weeks and turns himself into a hermit. But he wasn’t always like that, since the once sweet and carefree Woo Jin got traumatized after seeing his first love fall into a coma due to an accident that he believes was provoked. 13 years later, his first love Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun) wakes up, only to find herself as a 30-year-old woman who still feels just like a teenager.

This 2018 SBS drama is an emotional rollercoaster as both Woo Jin and Seo Ri, along with Woo Jin’s nephew Yoo Chan (Ahn Hyo Seop), work hard to find out the real reasons behind Seo Ri’s accident, find her estranged family, and heal the wounds from the past. They will steal your heart as their love story will not only make it flutter in excitement, but it will make you tear up and laugh out loud, making it one of Yang Se Jong’s most endearing dramas.

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