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Moon in the Day” continues to surprise as we weave between the past and the future. Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin continue to absolutely kill it in both timelines, distinguishing their characters such that Do Ha (Kim Young Dae) in Han Jun Oh’s body feels perceptibly different, and astute and capable Kang Young Hwa (Pyo Ye Jin) feels markedly separate from Ha Ri Ta’s drive and desperation. The villains are setting up some nasty stuff in the background, which is why it makes sense for Do Ha’s secret to come out at this juncture and for Young Hwa to finally witness the truth behind the man who haunts her dreams. Here’s every time Do Ha gives Young Hwa the truth this week!

Warning: spoilers for episodes 5-6 and the manhwa “Moon in the Day” below.

1. When he recreated scenes from their past


The destruction of Young Hwa’s protective bracelet when she was hit by Goo Tae Joo’s (Jung Heon’s) car seems to have opened some sort of door to her memories of her past life as Ri Ta. Interestingly, she doesn’t remember all 18 of her past lives. It’s only Ri Ta’s life that her soul is still clinging to. Like Young Hwa, Ri Ta was a warmhearted person, who despite her vendetta against Do Ha, couldn’t help but feel for him. She saw how he was little more than a weapon of war used by his father and the king to kill whomever they wanted. He had no life and no real choice of his own. What’s worse, despite how little he cares for living, he’s never cold or harsh or abusive. Instead, he lights up her path with candles when she slips and falls in the dark. She knows he sees her anger as justified, and it’s impossible not to care for a man like that.


It starts with her recommending herbs for his insomnia, and of course, he shows up the next day with lotus seeds for her because they remind him of her. The thick outer layer of the seed has to be pierced in order for the plant to grow and bloom. He hopes that she will too. They bet on if they’ll be alive when nature cracks the shell’s exterior to bloom these seeds. Ri Ta thinks they’ll never bloom. Do Ha bets that they will, even if it takes over a thousand years. And in modern-day Korea, Do Ha and Young Hwa listen to a news report about Silla-era lotus flowers blooming, and Do Ha thinks that he won. But Young Hwa says out loud that she lost.


Do Ha freezes in realization that she somehow has begun to remember their past. His suspicion is confirmed when he finds her reading books about dream interpretation. He starts to recreate scenes from their past, lighting her way when she stumbles in the dark just like he did before. Young Hwa doesn’t realize what he’s doing and just feels like she’s in a permanent state of deja vu. That, plus her history of visions, has her terrified she’s going insane. Especially when Do Ha calls her out on it.

2. When he confronted her on dreaming of him


At this point, Young Hwa feels like she’s living with a foot in two worlds, and Do Ha/Jun Oh is the only constant in each. She can’t tell if she’s obsessed with him enough to be dreaming of him or whether there’s just something wrong with her head to conjure these detailed emotional visions. She’s unnerved and trying to be strictly professional with Jun Oh while having all these massive feelings for Do Ha. He notices that she’s shying away and calls her out, asking if she dreams of him by any chance. He says that she’s been calling him naeuri, or “my lord,” since the accident, and Young Hwa just stammers excuses and races off. But Do Ha isn’t so easily avoided.

3. When he appeared before her as Do Ha


Monk Hae In (Shin Yu Ro) is terrified that Do Ha means Young Hwa harm and continues to try and protect her from the sidelines. Armed with a talisman from the head monk (Lee Young Suk), he sneaks into Do Ha’s agency and slaps the talisman on him before Young Hwa. She thinks he’s crazy and shoves him out, but the talisman has done its job. Within minutes, Jun Oh collapses and loses his pulse. Young Hwa’s terrified but performs CPR, only to freeze when a familiar figure appears before her. He’s very clearly a ghost and very clearly not Jun Oh. It’s Do Ha.


Can I just say how much I love how sorrowful Do Ha’s eyes always are? He is just beautiful.

Young Hwa understandably panics. She just freezes there, even when Do Ha returns to Jun Oh’s body and goes home and collapses. All her repressed childhood memories of the ghost in dark purple robes following her come back to the surface, and she huddles in fear. Even a visit to the doctor doesn’t help because the doctor dismisses her story as hallucinations and puts her on medication. But the great thing about Do Ha is that he isn’t about to let things lie as they are, so he comes to clarify the truth.

4. When he revealed that he wasn’t Jun Oh

Do Ha heads to the monks who interfered and makes two things clear: one, yes, he’s a powerful vengeful ghost who can destroy them if he wishes. Two, he’s only here to do what he needs to do in order to be free of this world. If they interfere again, he will not be pleased. The head monk astutely points out that hurrying his mission might not help him though. There are lingering feelings keeping him to this world. And if they go unresolved, his ties might remain. Do Ha dismisses this. He spends the rest of the day following Young Hwa to make sure that she’s okay after seeing him as a ghost but still dismisses this! Even when he finds her dead drunk and delays killing her, he justifies it by telling himself that he’s just curious about why he died. Okay, Do Ha.

The way he looks at her. And he thinks he has no lingering feelings!

He comes out with the truth straight away. He isn’t Jun Oh and is possessing him. Only, Young Hwa’s drunk out of her mind and not really listening. She’s more focused on resolving to never dream again and to live in the real world. It’s worth noting that Do Ha never takes the choice from her here. He doesn’t force her to hear him out and waits for her to remember what he’s said and put it all together. Young Hwa’s pretty smart, so it only takes a day.

5. When he demonstrated that he was a vengeful ghost

Pyo Ye Jin is just gorgeous.

Her hangover is to blame for her not remembering what he said the next morning. And Jung Yi Seul’s (Jung Shin Hye’s) announcement that she and Jun Oh are dating is to blame for her not remembering what he said the next afternoon. Do Ha is visibly sick of Yi Seul and constantly shows Young Hwa that he has no interest, but Young Hwa hates herself for even being hurt given that everything she’s feeling is for Do Ha, who “doesn’t exist,” and not for Jun Oh. She literally packs up and leaves Jun Oh’s home to get her head together, and it isn’t until evening when she registers what Jun Oh said about him not being Jun Oh. She races off to find monk Hae In and goes to the temple, which she recognizes as the same one her father took her to when they were trying to find a way to stop her seeing ghosts.

The head monk doesn’t tell Young Hwa everything but advises that her soul must have some lingering feelings that are evoking memories of this particular past life. Interestingly, the bracelet that protected her all these years was made with a lotus seed (which was shattered during the car accident). The head monk adds that he was not the one who made that protective talisman. So, who did? Young Hwa leaves with a head full of questions and calls the only person with answers: Jun Oh. He knows this is their moment of truth and heads out to meet her on a bridge. She’s incredulous at first, thinking that he was joking that none of this can be real, but he turns the entire bridge’s lights off and on and admits that he’s been haunting her for millennia, not out of choice. And only she can break that curse. When she asks why, he doesn’t reveal that she killed him but gives her something more heartbreaking: because she was his wife.

Ahh! They were married! 

We see the day of their marriage where Do Ha gifts Ri Ta with a necklace of lotus seeds afterwards to protect her from all evil in the world. They’re the same seeds that were in Young Hwa’s bracelet. And while Ri Ta looks worried on her wedding day, Do Ha looked like a man ready to die for her.

This is heartbreaking. No wonder Do Ha’s soul can’t move on. He doesn’t understand why she killed him. They appear to have been past what he did. An honorable mention moment in this episode was when Lord So Ri Bu (Lee Kyung Young), Do Ha’s adopted father, guessed that Ri Ta was the dead Gaya general’s daughter and had her framed for theft and tortured. Do Ha risked everything: his life, his duty to Silla, and his duty to So Ri Bu to free her and help her escape back to Gaya. Ri Ta’s visibly terrified for him and knows he’ll be severely punished upon returning, and their vows to each other to survive hold new meaning as does her vow to come back for him. There was something powerful building there, and they both acknowledged it. It’s no wonder he doesn’t understand why she killed him.

Next week hints at So Ri Bu making his move while possessing Seok Chul Hwan (Jung Woong In). He’s framed Jun Oh’s corporate lawyer Attorney Go (Lee Joon Hyuk) for Goo Tae Joo’s death and is likely going to hold it over Go in order to ruin Jun Oh/Do Ha. Han Min Oh (On Joo Wan) is also suspecting something off about Jun Oh. But Do Ha and Young Hwa remain the heart and soul of this show as it appears to hurtle toward tragedy. Is there any way of stopping Do Ha from dying and for him to finally live a life of his own choosing in the 21st century? The drama has changed up a lot from the source manhwa. Can it also alter the manhwa’s heartbreaking ending? I’m hopeful and terrified.

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