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After a short one week break, the new episode of “A Good Day to Be a Dog” is here! Episode 3 left us hanging with expectation seeing Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) hiding behind a yellow umbrella, creating a scene that’s both romantic and visually beautiful. Though many probably hoped for episode 4 to show a sweet first date for these two, this time around, not everything went exactly as they hoped. Here are four times in which things didn’t exactly go as they planned.

Warning: spoilers from episode 4 ahead! 

1. Jin Seo Won and Han Hae Na going to the wedding

As Seo Won truly wishes to spend more time with Han Hae Na, the perfect opportunity to do so is by carpooling together to their colleague’s wedding. Despite him being a new driver, he puts in a lot of effort to make a good impression on her. From looking for the perfect style to preparing little snacks for her, he tries his best to look great in front of Hae Na. Sadly, his efforts go to waste when he loses his way and ends up being a little late to the wedding, making Hae Na fear for her life in the process.


However, as they run to make it to the event and he reaches for her hand, we can see that his little clumsiness while driving does not overshadow his other charms. When he starts to sing the congratulatory song for the newlywed couple, not only was it a heart-fluttering moment, but it was clear Hae Na’s heart was already opening up to him.


2. Han Hae Na and Lee Bo Kyum walking on the beach

Though Hae Na and Seo Won successfully avoid professor Yoon Chae Ah (Lee Seo El) at the beginning of this episode, Seo Won gets dragged away by her once she makes it to the wedding as he cannot refuse to do her a favor, thus missing his chance to accompany the rest of his colleagues and Hae Na to a walk on the beach.

For anybody, a walk on the beach with your crush by your side might be a dream come true, but this doesn’t seem to be Hae Na’s case anymore. As she holds a conversation with Lee Bo Kyum (Lee Hyun Woo), she doesn’t seem to be that into him anymore. Furthermore, Bo Kyum’s hidden nature is shown once again as he walks away and remembers Seo Won and Hae Na’s past together.


3. Han Hae Na’s first attempt to break her curse

After the wedding and without much time left, Hae Na decides that the only way to break her curse is by asking Choi Yool (Yoon Hyun Soo) to help her, to which he happily accepts. In a hilariously and sort of chaotic way, Hae Na, her sister, and their best friend go to Seo Won’s house, hoping to break her curse once and for all.

Looking back on the time she and Seo Won have spent together, she hopes that by breaking her curse, those feelings will go away as well. However, to her surprise, she doesn’t transform back to her human form right away, and later on, she realizes the kiss didn’t work as Seo Won must be awake for it to work. Now, the only way she sees to solve her dilemma is for her to help him overcome his fear of dogs first.

4. Jin Seo Won trying to overcome his fear of dogs

Still undecided but without much choice, Hae Na offers Seo Won to help him with his fear of dogs. As he opens up a little more to her, she notices his fear is much more rooted than she expected, so she plans to show him the many different approaches someone can have with a dog.


What at first seems like good progress for the two of them dramatically ends when a dog goes wild and runs toward them, triggering Seo Won’s painful memories. Luckily, Hae Na shows again that she is more understanding than she seems and protects Seo Won, giving him a chance to calm down and giving us once again a heart-fluttering scene where these two shelter together. Will they find each other’s roof together, or will they face more struggles on the way? That is for us to find out in next week’s episode!


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