Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Sung Min, And Lee Jung Eun Embark On A Dangerous Journey In

TVING’s upcoming drama “A Bloody Lucky Day” has released a brand-new poster!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “A Bloody Lucky Day” is a thriller drama about taxi driver Oh Taek, who picks up a high-paying customer headed to Mokpo and finds out on the way that he is a serial killer. Lee Sung Min will play Oh Taek, who is offered 1 million won (approximately $764) for giving a passenger a ride to Mokpo on the same day he had a lucky dream about a pig (which symbolizes wealth in dreams).

Yoo Yeon Seok plays the role of Geum Hyuk Soo, a serial killer who asks Oh Taek to take him to Mokpo in order to smuggle himself out after covering up the murder he committed. Lee Jung Eun will play Hwang Soon Gyu, a desperate mother who is chasing Geum Hyuk Soo after he killed her son.

In the newly released poster, taxi driver Oh Taek, whose pig dream the previous night seemingly foretells his good fortune, starts his day happily. His passenger Geum Hyun Soo, who is headed to Mokpo, is also captured with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Hwang Soon Gyu, who is in an urgent and desperate situation, is captured on a dark road pursuing Oh Taek and Geum Hyuk Soo’s taxi. The poster’s caption seemingly hints at the dangerous journey that lies ahead for these three characters, reading, “An unstoppable and desperate journey begins.”

Lee Sung Min commented, “It’s my first time starring in a thriller drama, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited to meet viewers with a different character.”

He added, “One of the reasons I chose to play Oh Taek in ‘A Bloody Lucky Day’ was because he is an extremely ordinary character, unlike the roles I’ve played in the past. Oh Taek is laid-back, gentle, simple, and yet a bit selfish. The director helped me a lot in portraying those traits using my actions, eyes, and tone of voice.”

Revealing why he chose to star in the drama, Yoo Yeon Seok shared, “I had a desire to show a new side of myself. When I heard that I could work with Lee Sung Min and Lee Jung Eun, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I also enjoyed watching director Pil Gam Sung’s ‘Hostage: Missing Celebrity,’ and later, Hwang Jung Min told me that it would be a good experience to work with director [Pil Gam Sung]. While filming the drama, I realized that he wasn’t wrong.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Eun remarked, “When I saw the script, I thought it was good. I thought it would be interesting to depict the extreme emotions of an ordinary taxi driver when he encounters a murderer on the road, and an ordinary housewife when her son gets murdered.”

She continued, “I have worked briefly with Lee Sung Min and Yoo Yeon Seok in other projects, and I looked forward to working with them in ‘A Bloody Lucky Day.'”

Part 1 of “A Bloody Lucky Day,” which will consist of Episodes 1 through 6, is set to premiere on November 24.

In the meantime, watch Lee Sung Min in “Reborn Rich” below:

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