Uee's Brother Winds Up Behind Bars In

Uee will face a brand-new crisis on the next episode of KBS 2TV’s “Live Your Own Life”!

“Live Your Own Life” tells the story of Lee Hyo Shim (Uee), a warmhearted personal trainer and self-sacrificing daughter who has always put her family’s needs before her own—until she finally makes up her mind to break free from her leech-like family and pursue her own happiness.


On the previous episode of “Live Your Own Life,” Hyo Shim’s feelings were badly hurt by her ungrateful mother, who unfairly lashed out at her and compared her with other people’s daughters. She even told her daughter not to call her “Mom” anymore, leading the heartbroken Hyo Shim to sob her heart out on the roof.

However, despite her mother’s cruel words, Hyo Shim continues to put her family first, before anything else. In the drama’s next episode, Hyo Shim will do everything she can to clean up a disastrous new mess made by her older brother Hyo Joon (Seol Jung Hwan).

Newly released stills from the episode show Hyo Shim and her mother at the police station, where Hyo Joon has been locked up for assault. While going out for drinks, Hyo Joon winds up getting into a fight—and after throwing a punch, he ends up in jail, with his dream of becoming a lawyer suddenly in danger.

If Hyo Joon doesn’t come to an agreement with the assault victim, his chances of achieving his career goal may be gone for good. And yet it is Hyo Shim who seems to be pleading with the victim in question, bowing deeply and begging for forgiveness, while Hyo Joon remains unable to control his anger even behind bars. As the siblings’ mother tries to stop Hyo Joon from another angry outburst, the long-suffering Hyo Shim closes her eyes in frustration.

“This time, Hyo Joon has gotten himself into major trouble,” said the drama’s production team. “Just when Hyo Shim had finally paid off her mother and younger brother Hyo Do’s private loans and was breathing a sigh of relief, she winds up having to solve another big problem. But someone unexpectedly appears and offers Hyo Shim a helping hand in the midst of this crisis.”

To find out who this helping hand belongs to, catch the next episode of “Live Your Own Life” on November 12 at 8:05 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch previous episodes of the drama with subtitles on Viki below:

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