“Moon In The Day” Teases Shift In Pyo Ye Jin And Kim Young Dae’s Relationship Upon Jung Shin Hye’s Arrival

ENA’s “Moon in the Day” has shared a glimpse of its upcoming episode!

Based on a hit webtoon, “Moon in the Day” tells a chilling and heartbreaking love story that spans 1,500 years. Moving back and forth between the past and present, the drama follows a man for whom time has stopped after being killed by his lover and a woman who has lost her memories of her past life and continues to “flow like a river.” Kim Young Dae takes on the dual roles of Han Jun Oh, a well-known top star in Korea, and Do Ha, an elite noble of the Silla Dynasty. Pyo Ye Jin plays the dual roles of Kang Young Hwa, a firefighter-turned-bodyguard, and Han Ri Ta, the sole survivor of a noble family from Daegaya (a city-state) in the Silla Dynasty.


Previously, upon learning that Han Jun Oh had just a month to live, Kang Young Hwa agreed to be his bodyguard and started living together in his house so she could respond quickly to any potential emergencies.

In the newly released stills, the sudden appearance of Han Jun Oh’s ex-girlfriend Jung Yi Seul (Jung Shin Hye) hints at a potential shift in the dynamics between Kang Young Hwa and Han Jun Oh. After being suspected of being an accomplice to Goo Tae Joo (Jung Heon), who hit Kang Young Hwa with a car and became a wanted murderer, viewers are curious to find out her intentions in approaching Han Jun Oh out of the blue.

Nevertheless, Han Jun Oh and Jung Yi Seul appear affectionate, and Kang Young Hwa’s meaningful expression, seemingly tinged with jealousy, adds to the intrigue.

The next stills capture Han Jun Oh, Kang Young Hwa, and Jung Yi Seul during an archery practice session in preparation for Han Jun Oh’s historical drama shoot. As Jung Yi Seul places her hand over Han Jun Oh’s while he holds a bow, and Han Jun Oh casts a tender gaze at her, questions arise about whether the two are rekindling their relationship. In the background, Kang Young Hwa’s intense stare at the affectionate atmosphere between the two deepens the mystery.

How will Jung Yi Seul’s unexpected arrival impact the budding relationship between Han Jun Oh and Kang Young Hwa? Tune in to find out on the next episode of “Moon in the Day,” which airs on November 15 at 9 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, catch up on the drama below:

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