Watch: Jang Nara And Son Ho Jun's Happy Marriage Suddenly Falls Apart In Upcoming Drama

Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun’s upcoming drama has shared a new teaser!

My Happy Ending” tells the story of a woman named Seo Jae Won, who is obsessed with and chases after success following her unfortunate childhood, trying to escape from her unhealthy desires and obsessions. Jang Nara will take on the role of Seo Jae Won, the CEO of a home furniture brand who works restlessly to fulfill her endless ambitions, while Son Ho Jun will play the role of Seo Jae Won’s husband Heo Soon Young, who gets swept up in her intense desires. The two actors previously received lots of love from viewers when they boasted perfect chemistry as a married couple in the 2017 drama “Go Back Couple.”

The newly released teaser gives viewers a glimpse of how Seo Jae Won and Heo Soon Young’s seemingly happy family falls apart. At the beginning of the teaser, Seo Jae Won and Heo Soon Young are seen having a wedding ceremony, and Heo Soon Young says affectionately, “Jae Won, I will treat you better. I promise.”

Another scene gives viewers a glimpse of the couple’s happy daily lives as Jae Won and her daughter Heo Ah Rin (Choi So Yul) throw Soon Young a surprise birthday party.

However, the scene quickly switches to a depressed Seo Jae Won, who says, “One day, the truth behind my happiness began to emerge.” One scene shows her turning the house upside down while searching for something, while another scene shows her being chased by someone.

In one scene,  Heo Soon Young faces Seo Jae Won and laments, “I really don’t know why you’re doing this.” In a different scene, an enraged Seo Jae Won violently sweeps items off a table. The teaser ends with Seo Jae Won’s words, “The cracks created by the truth have destroyed my happiness.”

The production team of “My Happy Ending” commented, “Even just Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun’s acting transformations alone will make ‘My Happy Ending’ a drama that is unrivaled in its intrigue. Please look forward to ‘My Happy Ending,’ in which they will suddenly go from a happy family to a couple on the brink of catastrophe.”

Check out the full teaser below!

“My Happy Ending” will premiere on December 30 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

While you wait, watch “Go Back Couple” on Viki

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