KINGDOM’s Louis To Go On Hiatus Due To Health

KINGDOM’s Louis will be temporarily halting all activities due to his health.

On November 20, GF Entertainment officially announced that due to “continued worsening” of his health, Louis would be going on a hiatus in order to focus on his recovery.

As a result, KINGDOM will temporarily be carrying out all activities with the remaining six members of the group.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello. This is GF Entertainment.

We are making an announcement regarding KINGDOM member Louis’s health and future schedule to the KINGMAKERS (KINGDOM’s fandom) who give the KINGDOM members lots of love and interest.

Recently, Louis’s health has continuously gotten worse, but because the artist was strongly determined to carry out his activities, he continued his activities up until now.

Due to the continued worsening of his condition, and because we consider our artist’s health our top priority, we discussed the matter with the artist and decided that he should focus on his recovery.

We are letting you know that Louis will not be participating in the fan signing event scheduled for today or other scheduled activities for the time being. The album retailer will make a separate announcement regarding today’s and future fan signing events, so please refer to it.

We will make another announcement regarding any changes related to Louis’s activities, and KINGDOM will temporarily be carrying out their activities with six members.

We will do our utmost so that our artist can greet you in good health, and we apologize for giving you cause for concern with this sudden news.

Thank you.

Wishing Louis the speediest of recoveries!

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