Park Ji Hoon Is Torn Between His Two Contrasting Personalities In Upcoming Historical Drama

Upcoming drama “Love Song for Illusion” has unveiled a poster featuring Park Ji Hoon!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Love Song for Illusion” is a historical fantasy romance drama that follows both the heart-fluttering love story and the fierce obsession of a man with two conflicting personalities and the woman who loves him.

Park Ji Hoon will play the dual roles of Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and his alter ego Ak Hee. Both handsome and intelligent, Sajo Hyun is a character who uses his innate artistic sense to work as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique while hiding his identity as crown prince. He has a wound deep down in his heart from his childhood due to his oppressive father Sajo Seung.

Sajo Hyun’s other persona, Ak Hee, is a charming character who can easily attract others, but he is cursed to feel extreme pain when he makes physical contact with others.

The newly released poster depicts crown prince Sajo Hyun sitting triumphantly on a throne in a dimly lit space that appears to be abandoned. Between the darkness that makes it impossible to clearly see his face and the caption that reads, “I will have everything. You will disappear now,” viewers can’t help but wonder if the person sitting on the throne is Crown Prince Sajo Hyun or his alter ego Ak Hee.

Not only do Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and his alter ego Ak Hee coexist in the same body, but they also have a conflicting relationship as they fight for the love of a woman named Yeon Wol. How will this love story between one woman and a man with two contrasting personalities unfold?

Commenting on the newly released poster, the production team of “Love Song for Illusion” shared, “We wanted to give a visual representation of the protagonist who has two different personalities.”

They added, “We hope you will watch to see how the confrontation between Sajo Hyun and Ak Hee unfolds, and which of the personalities will come out triumphant.”

“Love Song for Illusion” is set to premiere in January 2024.

In the meantime, watch Park Ji Hoon in “Weak Hero Class 1” below:

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