3 Points To Keep An Eye On In The Next Episodes Of

MBC’s “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” has shared interesting points to watch in the upcoming episodes 3 and 4!

Based on a web novel, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” is a time-slip romance drama about the contractual marriage between bachelor Kang Tae Ha (Bae In Hyuk) and Park Yeon Woo (Lee Se Young), who has traveled to modern day from 19th century Joseon.

Below are the three points to keep an eye on in episodes 3 and 4:


A girl from the 19th century Joseon Dynasty picks up culture of present day

Previously, Park Yeon Woo was impressed by the sweet taste of a chocolate pie she got from a convenience store, surprised to see herself in a shining mirror at Kang Tae Ha’s house, and learned how to drive a car from Kang Tae Ha. Anticipation is high to find out about what kind of modern culture Park Yeon Woo, who came from 19th century Joseon, will encounter and whether Park Yeon Woo will be able to adapt perfectly to the “New Joseon.”

Emotionless Kang Tae Ha starts to experience various emotions due to Park Yeon Woo

Kang Tae Ha showed his annoyance for the first time when Park Yeon Woo called him “husband.” Kang Tae Ha gradually develops his emotions every time he encounters Park Yeon Woo, raising viewers’ curiosity as to what sorts of emotions he will feel while living together with Park Yeon Woo.

Park Yeon Woo is desperate to find ways to go back to where she came from

Park Yeon Woo previously cried for help while watching a historical drama on a television. She shouted, “How do I go back there,” and, “Is this a door? Please open it for me,” as she pounded on the television. Viewers are left eager to find out whether Park Yeon Woo will be able to find a way to return to Joseon while living with Kang Tae Ha.

The next episode of “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” will air on December 1 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

Until then, catch up on the drama below:

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