Lee Sung Min Is Determined To Take Revenge On Yoo Yeon Seok In Poster For “A Bloody Lucky Day” Part 2

TVING’s “A Bloody Lucky Day” has released a poster for Part 2!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “A Bloody Lucky Day” is a thriller drama about taxi driver Oh Taek, who picks up a high-paying customer headed to Mokpo and finds out on the way that he is a serial killer. Lee Sung Min plays Oh Taek, who is offered 1 million won (approximately $766) for giving a passenger a ride to Mokpo on the same day he had a lucky dream about a pig (which symbolizes wealth in dreams).

Yoo Yeon Seok plays the role of Geum Hyuk Soo, a serial killer who asks Oh Taek to take him to Mokpo in order to smuggle himself out after covering up the murder he committed. Lee Jung Eun stars as Hwang Soon Gyu, a desperate mother who is chasing Geum Hyuk Soo after he killed her son.

In the released poster, a desperate Oh Taek is captured with sadness and anger in his eyes, making viewers look forward to how he will fight back and take revenge on Geum Hyuk Soo. On the other hand, Geum Hyuk Soo, who is dressed in a perfect suit and has neatly styled hair, is captured with a cold facial expression that reveals his murderous instincts.

The crack in the middle of the poster and the phrase, “The unstoppable journey is not over yet,” add to the tension, heightening viewers’ curiosity about the ongoing battle between Oh Taek and Geum Hyuk Soo. Viewers’ attention is also focused on whether Hwang Soon Gyu, who was in hot pursuit of Geum Hyuk Soo in Part 1, will be able to reveal the truth about the death of her son Nam Yoon Ho (Lee Kang Ji).

The production team of “A Bloody Lucky” shared, “Part 2 will depict a new story that is not in the original webtoon and will have a shocking plot twist right from the beginning. Please watch the confrontation between Oh Taek and Geum Hyuk Soo,” adding, “It’s worth the wait, and you can look forward to a stronger Part 2.”

Part 2 of “A Bloody Lucky Day” (consisting of episodes 7–10) will be released on December 8.

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