6 Yang Yang C-Dramas To Watch For His Irresistible Charm

Chinese star Yang Yang has a charismatic screen presence. With his drop-dead good looks and talent, he is quite the catch. Whether it’s rom-coms or romance dramas or historical sagas, he has made his place as one of the most popular Chinese stars on the global scene. From playing the knight in shining armor to the tormented lover, a firefighter, or a secret agent, he has an irresistible charm which make him quite the poster boy of cool. Here are six Yang Yang shows that are worth binging.

You Are My Glory

Yu Tu (Yang Yang) is an aerospace engineer who is reassessing his career decisions. He has broken up with his girlfriend since she thinks he lacks ambition, and he feels burdened by his inability to provide for his parents, given his choice of profession. Qiao Jing Jing (Dilraba Dilmurat) is a popular movie star. She is in a bit of a spot after a video of her poor gaming skills for an online game she endorses goes viral. Jing Jing has to do damage control. She comes across Yu Tu on the gaming site. The catch is that Yu Tu is not only her former classmate, but Jing Jing was madly in love with him only to be brutally rejected by him for not being his type.

10 years pass since they have met. Quirky Jing Jing cleverly asks him to train her, and she realizes that she has never gotten over her love for him. But despite her once again confessing her feelings to him, she gets rejected yet again. The tables turn on Yu Tu when he acknowledges to himself that he has fallen hard for Jing Jing and cannot get her out of his mind. But will Jing Jing take him back?

Yu Tu dropping his guard and showcasing his dreamy romantic side is pretty awesome to watch. Yang Yang is perfect as Yu Tu, bringing forth his character’s vulnerabilities as well as being the supportive and committed boyfriend. Plus, the chemistry between Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang is searing, and they give us some awesome onscreen kisses to relish.

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Fireworks of My Heart

Song Yan (Yang Yang) is a firefighter, a selfless soldier who puts service before self. A brave heart on the field, his quick thinking and wit have saved many a life and avoided several catastrophic situations. He is idolized by his teammates and comrades, and despite being a hard task master, he is a compassionate leader. However, this stoic man refuses to let anyone break down the walls of his heart. Betrayed by his school sweetheart Xu Qin (Wang Chu Ran) and his future destroyed by her influential family, Song Yan has no room for love. A decade later he runs into Xu Qin, who is now a surgeon. He makes it clear that he has nothing to do with her anymore. Can the deep wounds of the past be healed or is it the end of the road for them?

Yang Yang holds the fort in “Fireworks of My heart.” He is an officer and a gentleman, whose brooding intensity will make your heart turn over. The drama also showcases his growth as an actor as he seems more matured and nuanced in his performance.

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“Love O2O”

It seems Yang Yang loves to game as “Love O2O” is another gaming drama, which also brought him into the spotlight. Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) is a super bright and enterprising final year graduate, who is also designing a version of a popular game. He is not only the CEO of the startup he has set up with his friends, but he is also the No. 1 player on “A Chinese Ghost Story,” a multiplayer gaming site. He is impressed with Bei Wei Wei’s (Zheng Shuang’s) gaming skills, and she also happens to be his junior in college. Love sparks between the two on and off the console as they contend with rivals and troublemakers in the game and off it.

This is one of those highly-watched dramas, especially for its unique storyline. The makers cashed on Yang Yang’s good looks, since in several scenes he has been shot in a way as if he is in a photo shoot. The actor does appear stiff in some of those scenes, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off him. He aces playing the silent, reserved character, and as the indulgent boyfriend, he gets a thumbs up.

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The King’s Avatar

Once again we have Yang Yang as an avid gamer, but this time he is one who is committed to be on top of his sport. He plays Ye Xiu, a professional e-sports player for the game Glory. But when his company drops him, he shocks everyone by announcing his retirement and calling it quits. Ye Xiu has another ace up his sleeve, and he starts working at an internet cafe and gets back into the professional gaming scene once again with a brand new team.

“The King’s Avatar” is the perfect watch for fans of e-sports. The gameplay scenes are riveting as the drama blends in themes of friendship, brotherhood, and the grind to make it to the top. Yang Yang aces playing the reliable team leader yet again.

“Who Rules the World”

Hei Feng Xi (Yang Yang) and Bai Feng Xi (Zhao Lu Si) have grown up together in the world of martial arts and find themselves embroiled in a gritty power struggle of love, betrayal, and political intrigue. They are very different in their personalities. Hei Feng Xi is majestic but can be rather unscrupulous in his ways, and Bai Feng Xi is elegant and quick-witted. Both unrivaled in talent and intellect, they get caught in the bloody chaos that follows the fight for the imperial throne. Though there are sparks between them, they keep their identities hidden from the other. But what happens when the truth is revealed? After all, they are adversaries in this saga.

With 40 episodes to wade through, “Who Rules the World” can be a bit tedious. But Yang Yang looks quite dashing in his princely robes, and his martial arts skills are impressive. He and Zhao Lu Si make a cute couple, even when they are at each other’s throats.

Martial Universe

Lin Dong (Yang Yang) has been forsaken by his own people. He comes across a talisman with magical powers that changes his life forever. He travels the world and perfects his skills as a martial artist. He also meets two women, Ying Huan Huan (Zhang Tian Ai) and Ling Qing Zhu (Wang Li Kun), who not only help him fight a demon sect from taking over the world but also get romantically involved with him. But can Ling Dong become the world’s greatest martial arts hero, or will he succumb to the manipulations around him?

The costumes in this drama are stunningly beautiful and is also a move away from the usual fantasy drama as it gives off more of a video game vibe. With 60 episodes, invest your time in it only if you are a true blue Yang Yang fan.

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