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“We Go Fast On Trust” is a Chinese sports-romance drama and an adaptation of the novel of the same name by author Jiao Tang Dong Gua. The story follows Chen Mo Bai (Zhai Zi Lu), who, since his childhood, harbors an unyielding passion for speed, aspiring to become a top-level race car driver in the Chinese Super Formula. However, his family adamantly opposed his racing career, citing concerns about with its risks and instability. Chen Mo Bai’s dreams take on a new life when he crosses paths with Shen Xi (Alice Ke), a talented engineer confronting her own challenges. Amidst career setbacks and familial discord, Shen Xi discovers a kindred spirit in Chen Mo Bai, and their mutual love for racing forms the foundation of a special partnership.

Collaborating together, Chen Mo Bai and Shen Xi works towards his dream of representing China in the Super Formula. Despite his family’s reservations, Shen Xi’s precision and professionalism serves as inspiration for Chen Mo Bai. Shen Xi also faces the darkest chapter of her life, and the story unfolds as they navigate the highs and lows, forging a unique bond steeped in their shared passion for the track and the pursuit of their dreams.

“We Go Fast On Trust” delivers a unique narrative set against the backdrop of race car driving, showcasing dynamic characters, personal growth, and a heartfelt storyline. The drama intertwines the elements of sports and romance, offering audiences a compelling and fun viewing experience. Don’t miss out, and check out these top reasons why you should start watching “We Go Fast On Trust” below!

Introverted and talented female lead

Female lead Shen Xi is a former engineer for the world-class German racing team Marcus. Her older brother, Shen Chuan (Liu Jia), tragically lost his life in a crash while driving the “Wings of the Wind,” a car she had designed. This tragedy deeply affected her, causing immense grief and guilt. Consequently, she decided to leave the racing world behind and return to her hometown Linhai, taking on an administrative job while caring for her ailing mother. Despite Shen Xi’s attempts to distance herself from the world of racing, she encounters Chen Mo Bai, who persistently urges her to return to the racing scene, believing that her talent and design skills cannot be buried. Shen Xi struggles internally, but she gradually becomes influenced by Chen Mo Bai’s enthusiasm and love for racing and re-enters the world of racing.

Audiences will definitely root for Shen Xi, who has built an emotional barrier around herself. It is her journey of breaking through that wall, rediscovering her love and passion for car racing and fully owning her incredible talent. While reintegrating herself into the racing world, she also builds a newfound confidence while coping with the memories of her brother and overcoming the regrets she feels.

Drama enthusiasts will immediately recognize Taiwanese actress Alice Ko, celebrated for her award-winning role in the mega-hit “Someday or One Day.” Known for her versatility, Ko seamlessly embodies a diverse range of characters, with her portrayal of Shen Xi in this drama being no exception. In her role as Shen Xi, a Ph.D. holder in mechanical engineering, Ko skillfully depicts an introverted character who hides her emotions and talents behind her round glasses. Through adept portrayal, Ko navigates Shen Xi’s journey of quiet turmoil, overcoming past shadows and embracing a new chapter in life. Her expressive eyes and emotional depth allow audiences to empathize and root for Shen Xi’s transformation, showcasing Ko’s talent as an actress.

Sunny and passionate male lead

Next up is our male lead, Chen Mo Bai, a young and passionate individual with an unwavering commitment to his dream of racing. Initially met with skepticism and criticism from those around him, Chen Mo Bai faces these challenges head-on, using them as fuel for his progress. He meets Shen Xi, discovering her incredible talent, and urges her to join his race team as an engineer. However, once he learns Shen Xi is the younger sister of his idol and mentor Shen Chuan, he understands, and he refrains from pushing her further. Just like Shen Xi, Chen Mo Bai carries past trauma from the loss of his mother in a car accident. Despite his past, Chen Mo Bai exudes positive energy, becoming a source of sunshine that everyone appreciates having around.

Actor Zhai Zi Lu’s transition from supporting roles to the charismatic lead, Chen Mo Bai, in “We Go Fast On Trust” showcases his impressive acting range and potential. Known for his supporting roles in “The Oath of Love” and “The World Owes Me a First Love,” Zhai Zi Lu’s portrayal of Chen Mo Bai is a major draw for the drama. He infuses the character with all the green flags, presenting a handsome figure who is manly, protective, considerate, and leads with respect. Zhai Zi Lu’s ability to convey emotions, especially in poignant scenes, and his dedication to authenticity contribute to his standout performance. The sparkle in his eyes and genuine expressions add a captivating charm to the screen, making him the compelling reason to tune in and enjoy the drama.

Slow burn romance

Not every romance story needs physical interactions or grand gestures to demonstrate love. In fact, the slow burn romance between Chen Mo Bai and Shen Xi unfolds with a refreshing and realistic approach, setting it apart from typical romance dramas. Viewers will find it refreshing to see a male lead who is friendly and warm paired with a smart and introverted female lead, as it is often reversed. Their dynamic is adorably wholesome; despite their contrasting personalities, their shared determination towards their goals forms a wonderful partnership and genuine bond through their cooperation. Chen Mo Bai gently helps lead Shen Xi out of her darkness in the most respectful and considerate ways, such as gifting her a plant to care for or encouraging her to ask for help, offering her a brand new outlook on life. And despite Chen Mo Bai’s warm and easygoing personality, it is rare for him to trust people. So it’s very touching when he meets Shen Xi, feeling secure and fully trusting her with his life on the race track. Together, they help each other overcome their PTSD, giving strength and encouragement.

Despite a 13-year age gap, Alice Ke and Zhai Zi Lu effortlessly showcase seamless onscreen chemistry in “We Go Fast On Trust.” Their skillful portrayal of characters grappling with psychological barriers and carrying emotional baggage from their pasts adds depth and authenticity to their performances. The complexity in their life goals, shaped by previous experiences, enriches the romance, providing a nuanced layer to their relationship. And the undeniable chemistry between the leads unfolds organically, creating a compelling and enjoyable viewing experience as their connection gradually develops.

James Lee’s acting debut

Fans of James Lee, the former member of the Korean rock band Royal Pirates, are in for an exciting treat with his acting debut in “We Go Fast On Trust.” In the drama, he takes on the role of Lin Shao Qin, a genius racer from the German team Marcus. Lin Shao Qin is characterized by his gentle nature, instilling trust in those around him, and he faces challenges with a perfectionist mindset. Additionally, he shares a deep connection as the best friend of Shen Xi’s older brother, Shen Chuan. Despite his role as a supportive friend, Lin Shao Qin is secretly in love with Shen Xi. He quietly supports her and genuinely wishes for her happiness.

In his acting debut, James Lee demonstrates a promising start in “We Go Fast On Trust.” While his performance may still be in its early stages, his sincerity and unique charm bring a fresh perspective to the drama, offering fans a glimpse of his evolving talents in this new endeavor.

Sentimental OST

The soundtrack of “We Go Fast On Trust” features four strategically placed songs, each evoking different emotions, from sentimental to romantic moments. Notably, “Love Paradox,” sung by Joi Chua and Yu Jia Yun in two versions, perfectly captures the complicated feelings of love between Shen Xi and Chen Mo Bai during quiet contemplative scenes. The opening theme, “Triumph,” performed by Xia Heng and the hum version by Zhao Guang Wei, stands out, intensifying the excitement of racing scenes and reflecting the fearless dreams of Chen Mo Bai. And James Lee’s self-written and produced English song, “Pieces for You,” adds a tender touch, often played during the sweet romantic moments between the main characters.

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