BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Pens Heartfelt Letter + Shares Plans To Establish Foundation To Help Society

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon shared a handwritten letter during a recent press conference on his future activities.

On December 21, G-Dragon’s agency Galaxy Corporation held a press conference to explain and outline G-Dragon’s drug-related case after he was cleared of all suspicions. At the press conference, Galaxy Corporation officially announced that they signed an exclusive contract with G-Dragon and that he will be making a comeback in 2024.

At the press conference, director Jo Sung Hae of Galaxy Corporation shared, “Initially, Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon’s real name) planned on personally greeting all the reporters and fans in the new year. However, after the drug-related investigation concluded, there were many confusing reports, and in order to set this straight, we hurriedly decided the day before to hold a press conference, so we ask for your understanding that it was difficult [for Kwon Ji Yong to attend] and adjust his schedule.”

Instead, Galaxy Corporation’s director Oh Hee Young read the handwritten letter G-Dragon penned for the press conference. He wrote the following:

This is Kwon Ji Yong.

I wanted to personally greet everyone and have a discussion this time, so I am very saddened that I was unable to do so.

I thought a lot about what stories to share and how to greet everyone as we face the new year. As you all know, I experienced a difficult time, but the people around me expressed their concern and gave me lots of encouragement, so I was able to overcome [this hardship] well. Thank you to everyone.

As this incident passes, I saw a place that I have not seen until now. While watching the news, I learned the fact that each year there is an average of 20,000 illegal drug users and that the number of adolescent drug offenders has increased dramatically. I also learned the painful truth that of these 20,000 people, not even 500 people per year can receive treatment through these treatment facilities.

That’s why I had the thought that I must take action. For the sake of those exposed and defenseless and for people who do not know they are taking the wrong path, I plan to work actively to eradicate and stamp out drugs. I want to share the opportunity with many people who did not receive the opportunity for treatment. Furthermore, I want to act as a system to protect those who don’t have strength by their sides as someone’s older brother, sibling, and peer so that the unfair events that weak people experience are not repeated.

I decided to make a foundation to take on this activity sincerely and continuously.

The foundation will stand by the sides of those who were harmed and pained by our world’s prejudice and unfairness, and we hope to create a society where everyone lives together while being treated equally and fairly respected.

Through music and artistic activities that artist Kwon Ji Yong and fans like, we will resolve societal issues such as drug eradication, inequality, and injustice, and while giving opportunities by supporting artists who did not have the opportunity, I plan on training future generations who will do the same work as me.

If the foundation sprouts the seed to these activities, we can undertake campaigns for peace and unbiased earth campaigns with many great peer artists and fans who empathize with the meaningful activity, and I think we can create a dream of a world without prejudice that is in harmony with diversity.

This is how Kown Ji Yong plans on starting 2024. I will take on all my responsibilities and make a comeback, and I will take responsibility as an artist and also take on societal responsibilities as well. I hope that everyone will also take on their respective responsibilities in their roles.

I believe the world changes when thoughts and feelings such as these gather together to take action. This was also a very eventful year for me.

The reason I could organize all this so well is because I am not alone, and I got the thought to never give up and take more strength as we are together all over the world. I want to express that thanks to the V.I.P fan club who shielded me with love and considered it their own issue from beginning to end. I did not lose strength, and I was not lonely. Because I am thankful to everyone, I want to spare more efforts to make the world a better place through music and of course as an artist.

After establishing this foundation, I want to make the first donation under everyone’s name.

This meaningful start with my new partner Galaxy Corporation was made possible because of YG, who made me who I am today. I spent a long period of time of over 20 years as a trainee, as BIGBANG, and as a solo artist, and the numerous achievements I earned through great effort were possible because of all the family I was together with at YG. I will remember this in my heart forever while continuing my activities.

Everyone, please wrap up the rest of 2023 well with family and peers, and I hope you will join us in our steps toward a bright society.

Let’s all love one another.

From Kwon Ji Yong.

In addition to the letter, Galaxy Corporation stated that G-Dragon has suffered greatly from various malicious rumors. However, in accordance with G-Dragon’s wishes, Galaxy Corporation will give those who posted malicious comments the opportunity to right their wrongdoings. Director Jo Sung Hae stated, “From this day onwards until midnight of December 28, we plan on giving the time frame of one week. Please delete all posts that defame Kwon Ji Yong’s reputation, such as malicious comments and false information on the internet.” After December 28, Galaxy Corporation will take strong legal action without any leniency.

Earlier on December 20, YG Entertainment officially announced that they will be parting ways with G-Dragon and wished him all the best on his new start.

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