3 Points To Look Forward To In The 2nd Half Of

“My Demon” has shared points to look forward to in its second half!

“My Demon” is a new fantasy rom-com about the contractual marriage between Do Do Hee, a demon-like chaebol heiress who doesn’t trust anyone (Kim Yoo Jung), and Jung Gu Won, an actual demon who unexpectedly loses his powers (Song Kang).

The upcoming ninth episode of the drama marks the beginning of its second half. Do Do Hee and Gu Won have finally confirmed their feelings for each other after denying them for so long.

Amidst the suspicious behavior of chairwoman Joo Cheon Sook’s (Kim Hae Sook’s) family, a prophecy left by a mysterious homeless woman (played by Cha Chung Hwa) heightened viewers’ curiosity about the fate of Do Do Hee and Gu Won. Also, Gu Won’s memories of his past life as a human are also stimulating viewers’ curiosity.

Here are three points viewers should pay attention to in the drama’s second half.

The romance between the newlywed couple Do Do Hee and Gu Won

Do Do Hee, who needed the demon’s power for her revenge, and Gu Won, a demon who needed to prevent his own destruction, entered into a contract marriage for their mutual benefit. Unaware of the growing attraction between them, Do Do Hee and Gu Won began living together.

Gu Won, who once dismissed love as a trivial emotion that makes humans foolish, found himself confused by his feelings for Do Do Hee. As they faced different crises together, Do Do Hee and Gu Won became certain of their love for each other, but after an attack on Gu Won, Do Do Hee took a step back. She pushed Gu Won away saying that everyone she loves ends up dying.

However, Gu Won approached her and insisted that it didn’t matter if he died. He urged her to make a choice for herself, and they ended up sharing a kiss. Viewers are now eagerly focusing on the direction of their romance, wondering what fate awaits them.

The mysterious connection between Do Do Hee And Gu Won

After Gu Won’s cross tattoo was transferred to Do Do Hee, a homeless woman they encountered at the police station added to the mystery by saying, “The roulette wheel has finally started spinning.”

Meanwhile, Gu Won’s power began to flicker and started malfunctioning. The homeless woman, seemingly aware of something, left another ominous prophecy, stating, “It would flicker and then go out. Once the roulette starts spinning, it can’t be stopped. All that’s left is to make a choice.” Viewers can’t help but wonder about the identity of the homeless woman and what secrets are yet to be revealed about Do Do Hee and Gu Won’s fate. Also, Gu Won’s memories from his life as a human have viewers curious about his hidden past that has not yet been revealed.

The identity of the criminal after Do Do Hee and Gu Won’s lives and the mastermind behind him

After chairwoman Joo Cheon Sook’s death, her family members started fighting amongst themselves to become her successor. In the process, Do Do Hee faced opposition from Joo Cheon Sook’s family members, and her life was threatened. Not only was Do Do Hee’s life threatened by an intruder who broke into her home, but Gu Won was also attacked by a mysterious man and almost died.

Determined not to lose anyone else she cared about, Do Hee decided to give up on avenging Joo Cheon Sook and declared that she would withdraw her candidacy for the position of Mirae Group’s next chairman. As a result, Noh Seok Min (Kim Tae Hoon), the eldest son of chairwoman Joo Cheon Sook, became the sole candidate. Do Do Hee even decided to give up her inheritance in an attempt to completely put an end to the war.

In the second half of the drama, viewers should look forward to finding out the identity of the criminal after Do Do Hee and Gu Won’s lives as well as the identity of the mastermind behind him. Viewers should also pay attention to the suspicious Noh Seok Min, his wife Kim Se Ra (Jo Yeon Hee), and their son Noh Do Kyung (Kang Seung Ho), as well as Joo Seok Hoon (Lee Sang Yi), who is investigating Gu Won.

The next episode of “My Demon” airs on December 22 at 10 p.m. KST.

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