Jang Dong Yoon And Lee Joo Myung's Relationship Takes An Intriguing Turn In “Like Flowers In Sand”

ENA’s drama “Like Flowers in Sand” has released new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!

“Like Flowers in Sand” is a new romance drama about the story of youths struggling to bloom in their lives on a ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling sport) ring against the backdrop of Geosan, a city famous for ssireum. The drama follows ssireum prodigy Kim Baek Doo (Jang Dong Yoon) who is about to give up on his career when he reunites with a childhood friend Oh Yoo Kyung (Lee Joo Myung) who reignites his passion.


In the previous episode of “Like Flowers in Sand,” Kim Baek Doo immediately recognized Doo Shik as Oh Yoo Kyung, but those who knew her dismissed it, claiming Doo Shik’s eccentricity would make her unmistakable. However, due to the comforting manner of Oh Yoo Kyung that resonated with Doo Shik, Kim Baek Doo became confident that they were the same person and continued to insist on an answer.

In the newly released stills, Kim Baek Doo and Jo Seok Hee (Lee Joo Seung) engage in a discreet, secret conversation. The sudden appearance of Oh Yoo Kyung startles Kim Baek Doo, making him look like he’s been caught off guard doing something wrong. The contrast between Oh Yoo Kyung’s nonchalant demeanor and Kim Baek Doo’s expression, reflecting a blend of frustration and a feeling of being wronged, captivate viewers’ attention.

Subsequent stills depict Kim Baek Doo once again pressing Oh Yoo Kyung for a clear answer to his suspicions, leaving viewers intrigued about Oh Yoo Kyung’s response.

The production team commented, “In Episodes 3 and 4 airing this week, there will be a shift in Kim Baek Doo and Oh Yoo Kyung’s relationship. Another choice that puts Kim Baek Doo’s wrestling career at stake will emerge. Please look forward to the changes that Oh Yoo Kyung will bring about.”

The next episode of “Like Flowers in Sand” will air on December 27 at 9 p.m. KST.

Until then, watch Jang Dong Yoon in “Oasis”:

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