Exclusive Interview: Kang Ha Neul And Jung So Min Dish On Reuniting For

Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min’s hit rom-com film “Love Reset” is now available to watch internationally!

“Love Reset” tells the story of an unhappily married couple Jung Yeol (Kang Ha Neul) and Na Ra (Jung So Min) who were once blissfully in love but are now on the brink of divorce. However, 30 days before their marriage is scheduled to end, the couple loses their memories in a car accident.

With the international release of “Love Reset,” Soompi interviewed Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min about their film, fun facts about the actors themselves, and more.

Read the full interview below:

What was the most difficult part of portraying your “Love Reset” character?

Kang Ha Neul: There were no aspects that were particularly difficult compared to other projects. I put in most effort into setting the tone while providing sympathy or justification so that the audience can follow [the story] while understanding the character even if it’s a comedy film.

Jung So Min: It’s not that this character was particularly difficult, but meeting a character that is different from myself always feels like an exciting yet difficult process to understand.

What do you think is the greatest charm of each other’s character?

Jung So Min: His simple mindset.

Kang Ha Neul: I think it would be her contrasting charms. I think her greatest charm is that although she doesn’t appear to be like that all, she doesn’t clean or can be quite weird, short-tempered, and strange.

What do you think is the MBTI of your “Love Reset” character?

Kang Ha Neul: I think Jung Yeol is I…SFJ? I don’t know MBTI very well, but I feel like this would be it.

Jung So Min: ESTP.

What do you pay greatest attention to when it comes to comedic acting?

Kang Ha Neul: I think I focused most on relatability for comedic acting because ultimately the audience should be able to laugh while watching. The audience has to relate in order for them to laugh comfortably. Facial expressions and gestures are part of the acting to achieve this relatability, but it is not the only aspect I focused on.

Jung So Min: I think I try to better understand the traits of the character and situations written in the script.

What was a memorable part of the film’s promotional period?

Kang Ha Neul: I think I became closer to So Min while promoting the film and doing stage greetings than when we were filming. As we went to stage greetings together at quite a lot of theaters, we became closer while talking about this and that!

Jung So Min: I always felt some pressure about appearing on variety shows because I’m not used to it, but I was amazed that I was comfortable and enjoyed promotions for “Love Reset” because I was with my co-stars.

The two of you previously worked together in the film “Twenty.” Is there anything new you learned about each other while working together again through “Love Reset”?

Kang Ha Neul: I liked that I could feel So Min’s composure and depth to the point that I wanted to learn from her.

Jung So Min: I didn’t realize this when we were filming “Twenty,” but Ha Neul that I saw on set is a person who can sleep anywhere as long as he can rest his head somewhere. I think this is probably a skill that many people would envy.

What was the most delicious or memorable food you ate on set of “Love Reset”?

Kang Han Neul: Out of all the food I ate on set, I enjoyed Mother’s Hand Pie cookies the most. I enjoyed eating them!

Jung So Min: Jin Man, who starred as Director Nam in the film, came to set on a cold winter day when he didn’t have filming and personally made fishcakes for us, and I remember feeling so grateful and warm. Of course, it was also tasty.

In “Love Reset,” there are many aspects that your characters cannot stand about each other after marriage. If you actually get married in the future, what is an aspect that you think that you won’t be able to stand personally? 

Kang Ha Neul: Hmm…. I think even if they don’t enjoy just being at home, they can’t hate it as I tend to be the type to recharge by staying at home while doing nothing.

Jung So Min: Rather than a specific action, I think their mindset is most important. I think it will be great if we don’t lose our gratitude and respect for one another.

What do you think is the most important aspect when it comes to marriage and relationships?

Kang Ha Neul: As mentioned in my previous answer, I think it’s about life values. I think it’s one’s attitude toward life and their way of living.

Jung So Min: It’s knowing how to accept each other’s differences well.

What are three of your previous projects that you want to recommend to those who become fans after watching “Love Reset”?

Kang Ha Neul: Three of my projects? It’s too difficult…it would be great if the Soompi editors could choose for me! On another note, if I recommend other great films, I want to recommend “Notting Hill,” “Love Actually,” and “About Time.”

(Editors’ Note: Kang Ha Neul is amazing in every project, but if we were to pick just three, we recommend “Twenty,” “Midnight Runners,” and “Curtain Call“!)

Jung So Min: All my past projects are valuable to me, so it is really difficult to pick just three. I think everyone has different tastes, so it would be best if you watch according to your preference in genre.

(Editors’ Note: Watch “Playful Kiss” for a classic rom-com, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” for a tearjerking romance, and “Monthly Magazine Home” for another hilarious comedy like “Love Reset”!)

What do you usually drink when you go to a cafe? 

Kang Ha Neul: Iced Americano no matter what.

Jung So Min: Vanilla Cream Cold Brew.

What have you enjoyed watching on YouTube recently? 

Kang Ha Neul: I enjoy watching science YouTube channels. I watch science videos and gaming videos.

Jung So Min: I always watch a lot of videos with cute animals.

Please share any TMI about yourself for fans!

Kang Ha Neul: I’m currently writing the answers to these questions while squatting down on a filming set.

Jung So Min: I always talk to myself before I go to sleep and when I wake up.

Please share a word for international fans tuning into “Love Reset”!

Kang Ha Neul: Thank you for showing love and interest for “Love Reset.” I will definitely greet everyone again with a new project that won’t waste your time.

Jung So Min: I sincerely want to thank everyone for watching “Love Reset” even from far away. I hope you can set aside life’s worries and laugh to your heart’s content even for a brief moment while watching our film.

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