Jang Nara Pays Her Stepfather Kim Hong Fa A Visit In

TV Chosun’s drama “My Happy Ending” has shared brand new stills!

“My Happy Ending” is a psychological thriller about a woman who faces a shocking truth after being betrayed by those she trusted. Jang Nara stars as the fiercely ambitious Seo Jae Won, a self-made furniture company CEO and influencer who has been passionately chasing success after enduring an unfortunate childhood.

Although Seo Jae Won achieved her dreams after years of hard work stained with blood, sweat, and tears, her seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart after the hidden secrets of those around her—her supportive husband, father, and trusty colleagues—come to light one by one.


In the last broadcast, Seo Jae Won became suspicious and anxious after she learned the secrets that her husband Heo Soon Young (Son Ho Jun), friend Kwon Yoon Jin (So Yi Hyun), coworker Yoon Teo (Lee Ki Tae), and stepfather Seo Chang Suk (Kim Hong Fa) had been hiding. Seo Jae Won was particularly shocked when insurance investigator Nam Tae Joo (Park Ho San) informed her that her deceased mother had a 500 million won (approximately $381,807) insurance payout, which her stepfather Seo Chang Seok received.

She was further disturbed by the revelation that her mother had ingested pesticide three different times before her death, and Seo Chang Seok was present each time.

The released stills depict a troubled Seo Jae Won paying her stepfather a visit. While Seo Chang Seok warmly welcomes Seo Jae Won with a bright smile, Seo Jae Won’s expression is a complex mixture of skepticism and distrust.

As they sit side by side, Seo Jae Won is captured asking questions with a worried facial expression, while Seo Chang Seok is captured with a surprised and flustered expression on his face.

In one still, Seo Jae Won and her stepfather are captured sharing a meal together, leaving viewers wondering about the outcome of their conversion.

On the filming set, Jang Nara and Kim Hong Fa were like a real-life father and daughter, smiling and chatting. However, once the filming began, they quickly immersed themselves in their roles as Seo Jae Won and Seo Chang Seok, respectively.

Commenting on the perfect acting synergy between Jang Nara and Kim Hong Fa, the production team of “My Happy Ending” commented, “Jang Na Ra and Kim Hong Fa realistically express Seo Jae Won and Seo Chang Seok’s complex father-daughter relationship through their consideration for each other and their strong teamwork. Please tune in to find out the hidden truths and secrets that will be revealed in the upcoming third episode following their one-on-one conversation.”

The next episode of “My Happy Ending” will air on January 6 at 8:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jang Nara in “Go Back Couple”:

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