Hong Ye Ji Finds Herself Facing Park Ji Hoon, Hwang Hee, And The Royal Family In

KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion” has unveiled new stills ahead of the upcoming episode.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Love Song for Illusion” is a historical fantasy romance that follows both the heart-fluttering love story and the fierce obsession of Crown Prince Sajo Hyun (Park Ji Hoon), who has an alter ego known as Ak Hee, and Yeon Wol (Hong Ye Ji), a fallen royal descendant who becomes an assassin to avenge her family but inadvertently ends up becoming the crown prince’s concubine.


Previously, episode 1 depicted the meeting between Sajo Hyun, who is working as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique while hiding his identity as crown prince, and Yeon Wol, who is living as Gye Ra, a member of an assassin association. Furthermore, Sajo Hyun’s alter ego Ak Hee coincidentally met Yeon Wol, and he was charmed by Yeon Wol’s hostile attitude.

The newly released stills capture Sajo Hyun as well as his half-brother Sajo Yung (Hwang Hee), the crown prince’s wife Geum Hwa (Ji Woo), King Sajo Seung (Kim Tae Woo) of the kingdom of Asatae, and his royal concubine Chung Myung Bi (Woo Hee Jin) gathered together at one place while all looking at Yeon Wol, who is kneeling on the ground with a flustered expression.

Viewers are curious to find out if Yeon Wol’s efforts to take revenge and assassinate Sajo Seung have been revealed. Furthermore, Sajo Yung, who has been trying to take out his father by using the assassination association, wears a complicated expression, while Geum Hwa, who is also full of ambition to rise to the position of empress, has a gaze full of hostility, raising anticipation for who put Yeon Wol in a dangerous situation.

The next episode of “Love Song for Illusion” will air on January 8 at 10:10 p.m. KST.

While waiting, catch up with the drama below:

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