Starship Entertainment Updates On Legal Proceedings Against YouTuber + IVE's Jang Won Young Wins Civil Lawsuit

Starship Entertainment has shared an update regarding legal proceedings against YouTuber “Sojang” for publishing false content about their artists including IVE.

On January 17, Starship Entertainment released the following official statement regarding the legal proceedings:

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment.

We want to inform you about the current state of progress regarding the legal action against the infringement of rights of Starship Entertainment’s artists.

Since November 2022, the agency has been carrying out criminal and civil suits as well as an overseas lawsuit against “Sojang” who has continuously been harassing our artists. Through the continuous circulation of false information, “Sojang” committed grave defamation, and they not only hindered with the agency’s business but also caused serious pain to artists and fans. Thus, the agency is doing our best so that they are held civil and criminal liability through the currently ongoing lawsuit.

The criminal charges filed against “Sojang” were recently forward from the police to the prosecution and are awaiting stern judgement from the law. As it is still an ongoing matter, we believe that judicial judgement has yet to be made. Aside from that, there are two civil lawsuits filed against “Sojang.” The civil lawsuit filed by the agency is scheduled to be pleaded with in January, and the [lawsuit] artist Jang Won Young herself raised was not responded to by the other party, so the case was won through deemed confession. The agency plans on once again informing [regarding legal matters] through an official statement after all the legal judgements are made.

We are constantly operating a monitoring system to protect the rights of our artists including their reputation, privacy, and their human rights, and we plan to take all possible legal actions without leniency for the current and future cases of defamation or other additional damages caused to the artists.

We ask for fans to continuously send reports as they have been of great assistance in our response to the legal proceedings and legal actions.

Thank you.

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