3 Reasons Why C-Drama “Battle Through The Heaven” Is Worth Watching

Though the title sounds ominous, the latest C-drama “Battle Through the Heaven” is an enjoyable story about a maverick named Xiao Yan (He Luo Luo). Xiao Yan was a genius child who loses his powers and becomes a source of embarrassment to his family. After all, in a world where only the fit and powerful survive, what is the use of a person who has none?

The sequel to the popular 2018 drama “Fights Break Sphere,” Xiao Yan had encountered the wise alchemist through the power of his mother’s ring. The guidance of the elderly had helped him improve his martial arts skills, but even though he has fulfilled his vow, a tragedy befalls him. His family is attacked, and his father is taken captive by the Yulan sect. Determined to rescue his father and the glory of his clan, he is advised by Master Yao Chen (Qiu Xin Zhi), a sorcerer and skilled martial artist, to head to the famed Jia Nan academy to further his development as a martial artist. At the academy, he is united with his childhood sweetheart Xiao Xun Er (Ding Xiao Ying) and the mysteriously intriguing Zi Yan (Gu Yu Han).

Determined in his quest, Xiao Yan leaves no stone unturned in gaining the abilities and acumen to fight against the Yulan sect. He finds the support of friends and comrades, but can he fulfill the mission he has embarked on? An adaptation of the novel “Fight to Break the Sky,” “Battle Through the Heaven” is a vivid fantasy romance. Here is what was enjoyable about the show.

Playfully endearing male lead

Xiao Yan is a young boy who has been through a lot. He was the third young master with a high Duo Qi, which is combat energy or spirit power. One’s level or techniques determine one’s might in the hierarchy. When his levels recede, he is the laughingstock of his clan and leaves his clan in disgrace. But even though he fulfills the vow to return after three years, he has another calamity facing him—his family being taken captive. Despite the circumstances and adversaries, Xiao Yan is not your intense brooding hero who is weighed down by his past. On the contrary, despite his sharp tongue and words which can sting, his soft charm wins him friends with ease. He is amiable and playful but also disciplined when it comes to his skills in martial arts as well as alchemy. Even though he was abandoned by the woman he was engaged to as well as the support of his own family when he lost his Duo Qi, he is the kind of person who forgives but does not forget.

Even in tense moments in the show, Xiao Yan’s humor and playful smile are soothing factor. He Luo Luo makes the perfect Xiao Yan, a man child shouldering big responsibilities. He has a great screen presence, and his fluid movements in fight sequences are remarkable.

An ensemble of fearless women

The women in “Battle Through the Heaven” are at par with the men, if not stronger. Xiao Xun Er, who was taken in by the Xiao clan, is a skilled fighter and does not lack in strength. Even though they were apart for three years, when Xiao Yan defeats Nalan Yanran (to whom he was betrothed to), he realizes his feelings for Xiao Xun Er. She, on the other hand, can take on anyone who tries harming Xiao Yun.

Zi Yan is another feisty character and is one of the second most important characters in the storyline. She befriends Xiao Yan at the Ji Nan academy. She has immense strength, even though it’s not refined, and she is a medicinal sorceress. She helps Xiao Yan in his pursuit of revenge. All of the female characters in the show have agency—they can defy and take on the men with equal ease. It is a battle of wits and ability. Ding Xiao Ying is pretty impressive, and her restrained performance is what scores in her favor.

Visually striking spectacle

Extravagantly produced, “Battle Through the Heaven” is a visually striking show. The live action, choreographed action sequences, and the visual effects are mesmerizing. The show has a rich color palette of reds, greens, and gold along with monochrome tones which are further accentuated by the arresting set and production design. And the ornate and beautiful costumes are dazzling. One of the best cultivation shows, it has been masterfully adapted for television and keeps you hooked with its strong visual narrative. The many escapades of Xiao Yan at the Ji Nan academy come packed in with some awesome choreographed fight sequences, humor, and a dollop of romance.

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