Park Ji Hoon And Hwang Hee's Fierce Confrontation Leaves Hong Ye Ji In Danger In

KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion” has unveiled more stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Love Song for Illusion” is a historical fantasy romance that follows both the heart-fluttering love story and the fierce obsession of Crown Prince Sajo Hyun (Park Ji Hoon), who has an alter ego known as Ak Hee, and Yeon Wol (Hong Ye Ji), a fallen royal descendant who becomes an assassin to avenge her family but inadvertently ends up becoming the crown prince’s concubine.


Previously, Sajo Yung (Hwang Hee) suspected that his half-brother Sajo Hyun and Ak Hee were not the same person, and he started to collect evidence to uncover the truth. Although Sajo Hyun struggled to not fall asleep, he eventually lost consciousness resulting in Ak Hee to wake up and create tension.

The newly released stills capture the fierce match between Ak Hee and Sajo Yung in a dark location and Yeon Wol on the ground after having lost consciousness. Viewers are curious to find out why Sajo Yung kidnapped Yeon Wol, who has become a court lady, and the reason why Sajo Yung decided to reveal his true intentions after hiding behind the facade of a friendly attitude.

Furthermore, the fight between Ak Hee and Sajo Yung raises tension and anticipation for who will come out as the victor in the end as well as if Sajo Yung will catch on to the fact that Sajo Hyun and Ak Hee are alter egos.

The production team shared, “Sajo Yung, who hid his true self until now, will start to reveal his greed, creating an even fiercer rivalry with Sajo Hyun. This week’s broadcast will be the turning point of ‘Love Song for Illusion,’ which contains battles in addition to fantasy and romance, so please tune in as we will show even richer development going forward.”

The next episode of “Love Song for Illusion” will air on January 29 at 10:10 p.m. KST.

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