Lee Jun Young Is A Complex Villain Embodying Both Good And Evil In “The Impossible Heir”

Lee Jun Young will take on the role of a desire-driven villain in Disney+’s “The Impossible Heir”!

“The Impossible Heir” will tell the story of three characters who desire to climb to the top by trying to take the throne of Korea’s largest conglomerate. Lee Jae Wook will take on the role of the cold-blooded yet dignified Han Tae Oh, Lee Jun Young will portray Kang In Ha, a character that has both good and evil sides, and Hong Su Zu will play Na Hye Won.

Kang In Ha is a character who hides intense desires beneath his carefree facade. As the neglected illegitimate child of the nation’s leading conglomerate Kang Oh Group, he forms an alliance with Han Tae Oh (Lee Jae Wook) to climb from the bottom to the very top in search of validation. Despite initially appearing to lurk in the shadows with his concealed ambitions, Kang In Ha gradually becomes trapped in his insatiable ambition to become the owner of Kang Oh Group.

In embodying this character, Lee Jun Young adeptly portrays Kang In Ha with a nonchalant demeanor. Describing Kang In Ha as “a character who conceals his pain, an enigmatic figure capable of straddling the line between good and evil,” Lee Jun Young expressed, “I want to convey the character’s sense of freedom, so I tried various approaches.”

Director Min Yeon Hong further shared, “We divided the character-building process into stages to illustrate Kang In Ha’s dramatic transformation and storyline. As a complex character embodying both good and evil, Lee Jun Young and I always consult with each other to distinguish Kang In Ha’s emotions and shape his character.”

“The Impossible Heir” will premiere on February 28. While waiting, check out a teaser here!

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