Moon Sang Min Is Hell-Bent On Stopping Jeon Jong Seo And Kim Do Wan's Marriage In

Wedding Impossible” has shared new posters ahead of the upcoming premiere!

“Wedding Impossible” is about unknown actress Na Ah Jung (Jeon Jong Seo), who decides on a fake marriage with her male friend in order to become the main character for the first time in her life, and her future brother-in-law Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min) who is desperately opposed to his older brother’s marriage.

The newly released wedding poster depicts Na Ah Jung and Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan) who set out to pursue their mission of a fake marriage. Everything from the wedding dress to the tuxedo and the matching sparkling wedding rings on their left hands convey the atmosphere of a successful wedding.

However, Lee Do Han’s young brother Lee Ji Han, who is opposed of the marriage, intrudes onto the wedding aisle, splitting the couple apart. Although Nah Ah Jung and Lee Do Han appear taken aback by the sudden intrusion, Lee Ji Han wears a mischievous smile in stark contrast. The text on the poster reads, “A brother-in-law more intense than the entire world of the in-laws has appeared.”

Furthermore, the character posters show closeups of each of the main leads. In his poster, Lee Do Han, who is a third-generation chaebol dreaming of freedom, asks, “Please act as my wife, just for three years.” In her poster, Na Ah Jung accepts, “The role of your wife? Okay.”

However, Lee Ji Han, who has his arms linked with Lee Do Han and Na Ah Jung, has the text, “Choose. Is it me or that girl?” on his poster.

Finally, Yoon Chae Won’s (Bae Yoon Kyung’s) poster reads, “Give me the younger brother rather than the elder,” raising even more questions about if the wedding will occur. All entering the wedding ceremony with their own goals, viewers are curious to find out who will achieve their mission first.

“Wedding Impossible” is set to premiere on February 26 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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