Exclusive Interview: Kim Ji Eun And Lomon Talk “Branding In Seongsu” Soul Swap, Dream Roles, 2024 Goals, And More

Kim Ji Eun and Lomon have united for a trendy new drama!

Branding in Seongsu” is a romance drama that takes place in the neighborhood of Seongsu, which is the center of branding, and follows the story of the prickly marketing team leader Kang Na Eon (Kim Ji Eun) and intern So Eun Ho (Lomon) as their souls get swapped following an unintentional kiss.

Along with the recent premiere of the drama, the two actors took time with Soompi to talk about their characters and impressions of each other, share fun facts about themselves, and more.

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What were your first thoughts after reading the “Branding in Seongsu” script?

Kim Ji Eun: When I first read the script, I had a lot of fun reading about the characters living completely different lives after their souls are swapped, and instead of only comedic elements, there are also compelling incidents.

Lomon: When I first read the script, I was entertained by the theme of souls being swapped after a kiss and the chemistry of the characters. More than anything, I really wanted to take on this project as I thought that I would be able to show diverse sides of myself through this one production.

What did you especially focus on in regards to acting out your character’s soul swap?

Kim Ji Eun: I paid attention to my tone, gaze, and even my smile in order for Na Eon to seem clearly different before and after the soul swap. I especially focused on expressing Eun Ho’s distinctive bright personality in order to not appear like Na Eon.

Lomon: Ji Eun Noona and I met before filming and decided three habits of each other’s characters beforehand, and we worked to observe each other’s acting on set. On days that we filmed alone, we shared videos of ourselves acting to help develop our characters.

What was the most fun scene to film?

Kim Ji Eun: Na Eon spends a lot of time alone, and she is a character who is often angry and frustrated, so I was a bit lonely filming her scenes. However, maybe because Eun Ho is a bubbly character, but it’s hard to pick just one scene because all of his scenes were fun to film.

Lomon: There’s a scene shown in the teaser in which I’m running toward Ji Eun Noona but fall over after being shocked by an approaching car, and I remember that scene being really fun to film. It was very heart-fluttering to be protected by Kang Na Eon after usually being the one to do so. (laughs)

What do you think are the charms of Kang Na Eon and So Eun Ho?

Kim Ji Eun: Na Eon is really good at working! It’s really respectable and charming how she achieves her goals no matter what. Eun Ho is a bright and positive character. I think his charm is that he gets along well with everyone because he is a generous person who is considerate of others.

Lomon: I think So Eun Ho’s charm is the pureness that emerges when he is staying firm to his beliefs. He also possesses great cuteness not fitting for his age. He is a character who is really fun to be with and who can provide positive energy. I think Kang Na Eon’s charms emerge when she is working. Her judgment skills that allow her to quickly resolve situations as well as her confident charisma are extremely attractive, and she can become a reliable leader-like ally if she is by your side.

What were your first impressions of each other, and what are your current impressions?

Kim Ji Eun: My first impression of Lomon was that he is so tall! As I spend more time together with him, I have been thinking that he is an actor who I can learn a lot from.

Lomon: My first impression of Kim Ji Eun Noona was that she is smart, has a strong sense of responsibility, and is very charismatic. I also thought that it could be difficult to approach her easily and become close for these reasons. However, after filming began, we became close quickly while acting, and there are also cute, innocent, and playful sides to her. More than anything, Noona is a warm-hearted person who takes care of people around her a lot, so I had a lot of fun while filming and was able to rely on her.

Seongsu has recently been known as a very trendy neighborhood in Seoul. Have you been to Seongsu yourself? How would you describe Seongsu to international fans?

Kim Ji Eun: Even as someone who does not usually enjoy trendy spots, I think that Seongsu is a hip place with cool cafes created from former factory sites and is fun to look around as a place where the past and present coexist.

Lomon: I sometimes go to Seongsu when I want to walk along cool streets or want to visit trendy spots and especially when I want delicious food or coffee. I think Seongsu is a place with various trendy spots including diverse and unique restaurants and coffee shops. I strongly recommend Seongsu if you want to have a great experience with nice people.

If you were to actually have an office job, what kind of position do you think would suit you?

Kim Ji Eun: I think being a secretary would suit me!

Lomon: I like planning and carrying out those plans because I have strong J (judging) tendencies [in regards to MBTI], so I think I might do well as a secretary.

What is a job you haven’t acted out yet that you would like to try for a role in the future?

Kim Ji Eun: I want to try out diverse occupations, but if I were to choose, I want to act out roles of a doctor or television announcer! haha

Lomon: There are so many characters I want to try acting because I haven’t tried diverse projects yet, but what comes to mind right now is that I want to try the awesome role of a firefighter who saves lives.

What do you enjoy watching on YouTube these days?

Kim Ji Eun: These days, I enjoy watching mukbang ASMR and drama review videos!

Lomon: Because the weather has gotten chilly, I want to travel, but because I am currently working on filming a production, I find vicarious pleasure by watching travel videos on YouTube. Watching various travel vlogs before going to sleep has been providing me comfort.

What do you usually drink at cafes?

Kim Ji Eun : I usually drink decaf iced Americano.

Lomon: I love drinking a warm latte in the morning. I tend to drink decaf after 2 p.m.

Please share any TMI about yourself!

Kim Ji Eun: I’m going on a trip abroad by myself!

Lomon: I ate tangsuyuk (sweet and sour meat) today!!!

Do you have any personal goals or resolutions for 2024?

Kim Ji Eun: To work out consistently and take my nutritional supplements consistently!

Lomon: To be healthy in mind and body and give positive energy to people around me in 2024! And to show diverse sides of myself to fans! Those are my goals for this year.

Please share a word for international fans who are watching “Branding in Seongsu”?

Kim Ji Eun: Hello everyone! This is actress Kim Ji Eun! I would be thankful if you enjoy watching “Branding in Seongsu”! I hope everyone will be healthy in 2024 and spend a year filled with love!

Lomon: A heart-fluttering and fun story set in Seongsu, the center of branding, about successful marketer Kang Na Eon and the innocent So Eun Ho swapping souls after a kiss is waiting for you in “Branding in Seongsu,” so please show lots of interest and love!!! Please tune in!!!

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