8 Idols Who Have Rocked The 2024 Pantone Hair Color Of The Year: Peach Fuzz

Every year, Pantone releases a color that encompasses the mood of the new year. This year’s Color of the Year is called Peach Fuzz! Exactly what it sounds like, Peach Fuzz is a soft peach color that’s super flattering on so many people. A lot of idols have rocked a similar shade for their hair color—here are just a few!

Stray KidsHyunjin

For Stray Kids’ visit to Paris last year, Hyunjin was rocking this gorgeous peachy shade in his hair. It’s a nice variation on the light blond hair colors he’s been sporting for most of the year, and it looks super handsome on him. Peach really flatters his skin tone beautifully!


Rosé has kept her hair some shade of blonde for so long that it almost seems like it could be her natural color at this point! She’s not afraid to experiment with different tones, though, and wore this unique blonde-peach mix in 2022. It looks great on her and is colorful without being too distracting.

TXT’s Yeonjun

What started as a dark ginger faded to this lovely peachy shade toward the end of 2023—Yeonjun couldn’t have predicted the 2024 Color of the Year with more accuracy! He’s never been afraid to experiment with hair color, and this color flatters him just as much as all the rest.

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

Another female idol that’s been committed to the blonde Barbie look for a while, Yuqi looks fantastic in light hair colors, including this beautiful peach shade from 2022. Whether it’s a warm peachy blonde or a cool platinum, Yuqi can rock any of the blondes—or any color, for that matter!

NCT’s Taeyong

It seems like Taeyong has tried almost every hair color possible, but this peach is especially pretty! His version fades from a lighter blond at the roots which makes the look more interesting than just plain peach, and he looks great. As expected from an idol that can make every single color stunning!

IVE’s Rei

As pretty as a peach herself, Rei wore this unique take on Peach Fuzz hair last summer. Her version, which is sort of an ombré effect starting with blonde at the top and ending with peach at the bottom, almost looks like a summery peach drink. The two braids make her look especially cute!

BTS’s Jimin

This may be a photo shoot from 2019, but it’s too iconic to forget! Jimin sported this perfect Peach Fuzz hair color during this debut anniversary shoot, referencing the music video for his track “Serendipity.” The color is the ideal contrast to this yellow backdrop, and it suits him so well it looks like the color was made for him.

TWICE’s Sana

Sometimes pink and sometimes peach, it’s impossible to forget Sana’s gorgeous hair color during TWICE’s music video and promotions for “Feel Special” in 2021. This warmer peach tone looks amazing on her, and though it was short-lived, this look was one to remember.

Can you think of any other idols who have had Peach Fuzz as their hair color? Tell us below!

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