Ji Chang Wook’s Agency Apologizes For Indoor Smoking Incident

Ji Chang Wook’s agency has issued a formal apology regarding his recent indoor smoking controversy.

On January 26, Ji Chang Wook’s recent drama “Welcome to Samdalri” released a behind-the-scenes video that included footage of the actor smoking an electronic cigarette on the indoor set.

Because it is illegal in South Korea to smoke or vape in public places aside from designated smoking areas, the footage sparked controversy, and the “Welcome to Samdalri” team ultimately deleted the scene from its video.

On February 11, Ji Chang Wook’s agency Spring Company released the following statement:

Hello, this is Spring Company.

We would like to apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable about Ji Chang Wook’s actions in the behind-the-scenes content from his drama that was released on January 26.

The behind-the-scenes content in question included a scene of actor Ji Chang Wook smoking an electronic cigarette indoors. The scene brought discomfort to those who saw it as improper.

Actor Ji Chang Wook also recognizes that his behavior was improper, and he feels sorry for disappointing many people. Once again, we deeply apologize to those who watched the content, along with the staff on set, the rest of the cast, and the viewers who gave their love to the drama.

With this incident in mind, we will take special care to prevent this kind of improper behavior from reoccurring in the future. Once again, we sincerely apologize for giving many people cause for concern through this incident.

Thank you for reading this long statement.

Thank you.

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