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Queen of Divorce,” a drama that was initially anticipated to be fun and energetic, has turned out to be rather dark and emotional also. This week’s episodes unveiled multiple characters’ backstories and current struggles that even brought some tears. Here are four of the saddest moments from episodes 3 and 4 of “Queen of Divorce.”

Spoilers for episodes 3-4 below.
Warning: mentions of sexual violence.

When Sara Kim couldn’t meet her son

In the very first episode of “Queen of Divorce,” we learned that Sara Kim (Lee Ji Ah) lost her son in a custody battle with her ex-husband. It has been around two years since she last met or even saw her son. After months of staying away from the person she loves the most in her life—her son—she finally finds out his location through what seems like a personal detective.

She sits outside the mansion where her son is living with a few staff members. The sun goes down, but she still hasn’t found a way to get into the house. One of the staff members finally opens the door, just to threaten Sara Kim with the police, but she barges into the house without thinking of the consequences. While running up the stairs like a lunatic with tears in her eyes, she shouts his name. However, even after trying her best, she can’t meet, let alone see, her son, who is just a few steps away from her.

What made this scene sadder was the realization that the child had headphones on his ears, being distracted by a house staff; he couldn’t even hear his mother’s voice. It makes you imagine how abandoned he must feel, living in a house alone with people he doesn’t even know, away from his parents who he must have thought would protect him his entire life.

The reason behind Lee Joo Won getting married to Jang Jae Guk

Lee Joo Won’s case was introduced last week but came to its end in episode 3. Even though Joo Won (Shim Yi Young) and her daughter got their happy ending at the end of the episode, the mystery behind Lee Joo Won’s marriage was one of the saddest moments of this week.

Last week, while talking to Sara Kim, Lee Joo Won, despite trying to defend her husband in the past, is sure that her husband is guilty in the sexual assault case. She continues to explain by saying that she married her now-husband Jang Jae Guk (Lee Do Yub) because he took advantage of her while she was drunk. She didn’t love him, but she thought she had to marry him because she was carrying his child. However, she ended up regretting her decision. “I persuaded myself with lies every single day. We are a family,” says Lee Joo Won.

What can be even more upsetting than having to spend almost two decades of your life with someone who wronged you, someone who took advantage of you at your most vulnerable moment? You try to justify their crime every single day, and you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are happy, but at the end of the day, you feel numb. No matter how hard you pretend to be happy, every night the mask falls, and you question if your decision was right.

Sara Kim’s reason behind marrying No Yul Sung

Last week, we found out that Sara Kim and Dong Ki Joon (Kang Ki Young) were ex-lovers. This week, we discovered that Sara Kim and Ki Joon had decided to run away on the night of her wedding. Seeing him waiting for Sara Kim at the airport, leaving message after message, as his bright smile faded, was quite painful to watch. But there is more to the story.

While talking to Joo Woon, Sara Kim says, “It was like seeing my own wedding photo. The bride who feels the weight of a tiara like a plate of armor. I looked just like that. Is this marriage a good idea? Will I be able to manage? No, there is nothing I can do now. That face you make after the 99th thought.”

This one dialogue alone signifies that she was never happy with the decision she made. Later, Sara Kim is in her bathroom with a positive pregnancy test in her hand. It has not been confirmed yet, but she might have been sexually assaulted by her now ex-husband and then fiancé No Yul Sung (Oh Min Suk).

The betrayal of Kwon Dae Ki’s brother

On the face of it, Kwon Dae Ki (Lee Tae Gu) is your regular goofy and nerdy guy in a K-drama. However, last week’s episodes added some depth to his character. During a chase scene in episode 4, Dae Ki is set in his position and is about to catch the guy, but he takes one look at the criminal and falls to the ground as if he’s seen a ghost.

Later on, we find out that the guy was Dae Ki’s brother who left him in the hospital to die. Not only that, but Dae Ki also tells his brother that he is the reason why their mother died. We have yet to learn more about his sad story, but this small revelation alone was enough to bring the tears.

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