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Some love stories make your heart flutter and skip several beats, and “Amidst a Snowstorm of Love” is one of those shows. It is love at first sight for Lin Yi Yang (Leo Wu) when he spots a cute young woman named Yin Guo (Zhao Jin Mai) doodling on the frosted window of a bar in Hel (Finland). Oblivious to the blizzard raging around him, he is transfixed. As he makes his way into the bar to meet his friend, he is introduced to Yin Guo and her brother, who are stranded and with no means of transport to reach their hotel due to the raging snowstorm. Lin Yi Yang goes out of his way to help the two that night, and all the while he cannot take his eyes off Yin Guo. Little do the two realize that this one encounter would change the course of their lives forever.

21-year-old Yin Guo is a professional billiards player who is in Hel to participate in a championship, while her cousin is planning to study at a university there. You can call it destiny as Yin Guo and Lin Yi Yang’s paths keep crossing even after that fated encounter. A connection is formed—he is smitten, and she finds herself drawn toward him. But Yin Guo does not know that this 27-year-old struggling student, who is prepping for his Ph.D in Communications, was once a star billiards player himself. Li Yi Yang, a maverick genius in the sport, had retired and quit the game at age 16 after an incident with the match referee. In 11 years, he has not only moved countries, but he has never watched a match nor has he ever participated in the sport.

Even though his former teammates cajole him to return, he remains adamant. But it’s his love for Yin Guo which acts as the catalyst for his long-awaited comeback. Proud of her achievements as a player, he also wants to give her a financially secure future. As his once buried passion for the sport comes to the surface, Lin Yin Yang makes his comeback. But can he erase the memories of the past, and does he still have what it takes to be No. 1 in game and rule the court he once owned?

Here are four reasons why “Amidst a Snowstorm of Love” has many utterly besotted by its engaging story of a lyrical romance, the love of a sport, and to embrace the chances life sends your way.

An irresistibly charming male lead

Leo Wu’s Lin Yi Yang is the embodiment of “Mr. Perfect,” a man who is literally too good to be true. His chiseled drop-dead good looks apart, he is also an extremely dependable and considerate man who lets his actions speak louder than words. Though he is known to play by his own rules, having had to fend for himself for years, he is not only self reliant but reticent about his life and personal affairs.

But love does strange things to people, and never has Lin Yi Yang felt the rush of emotions as he does for Yin Guo. His endearing confession to her a few weeks after meeting her—that he is pursuing her—is straight from the heart. The intensity of his feelings are in the subtle gestures, such as when he thoughtfully shifts his watch to the other hand after the strap scrapes her ear, to asking his friend to go see her when he anticipates she may misunderstand a situation. If he is not trekking across cities just to spend time with her and even making a transatlantic haul for a day to spend time with her on her birthday, he is also proud of her achievements, making sure that nothing disrupts her practice sessions. The man also breaks his long kept vow of not attending a live match when he cheers her on at her game. He is a man who is self-assured about his feelings and proud of the woman he loves.

On the other hand, for years he has resigned himself to his fate to never return to the game. With the arrival of Yin Guo, his long winter is finally turning into spring. As he decides to make a comeback, his genius once again shines on the field. He is clear his victories are not for him but to give something back to the sport. His goal is to create a billiards club and give opportunities to all those who may not have the resources or means and make it an accessible sport to the public.

Leo Wu makes the perfect Li Yi Yang and will sweep you off your feet with his seductively appealing and captivating charm. He emotes through his eyes, which twinkle and soften each time he is with Yin Guo and cloud with passion when he is unable to keep his hands off her. His single-minded gaze is also that of a determined sportsman and echoes the strength of his character. Leo Wu is subtly restrained in his performance, oozing an aura of confidence and strength of character. He may well have immortalized Yi Yang as one of the best screen lovers of all time.

A heart-throbbing romance

“From the moment I saw you, I wanted to know you,” says Lin Yi Yang to Yin Guo. The 21-year-old Yin Guo, initially hesitant, is swept in a passionate love affair, dealing with emotions she has never felt before, and it is Lin Yi Yang’s integrity which wins her over. “He does not even play hard to get,” thinks Yin Guo, surprised to meet a man who is forthright about each and every thing. A struggling student who is trying to make ends meet, he is overtly generous in taking care of Yin Guo, even if it means putting himself in a financially tight position, whether it’s treating her to meals or booking her a hotel when he feels his tiny apartment is uncomfortable for her. He makes no bones about the fact that he is yet to secure a future for himself and has no qualms when he shares his bank balance with her. He is a man who talks straight—there are no agendas or strategies at play.

“All we do is just eat,” she also jokes with him, but he seriously answers by saying, “Feeding is the biggest joy of his life.” As a child, he never had enough to eat, and it is his way of showing his feelings. She is surprised to see him eat her leftovers as she thinks to herself that even her own family would never do that. But he matter of factly tells her that one does not need to have any pretenses in a relationship.

One gets Yin Guo’s nervousness. She is cautious and shy, being young and also having had a sheltered upbringing. She is sometimes overwhelmed with the feelings aroused, but it is Yi Yang’s undying love and commitment toward what they have which give her the confidence in the relationship. “I will follow your lead, let me handle the tough part,” he says to her, and one sees her getting emotional with the intensity of his love, which is unconditional to say the least. He is the first to make up with her after feeling discomfort when the two fight, even as his friends tell him fights are healthy. He never wants to upset her. She is the needle to his compass, giving him direction that he had been seeking in life.

It is also a relationship between equals. He cheers her on when she says, “You are the boyfriend of a champion,” and is proud of her and her achievements. And when he makes his comeback, she is his strongest supporter and cheerleader. What we get is a heart-pounding romance and scorching chemistry that is bound to make your heart skip several beats. The kisses and tender moments between the two are squeal-worthy, and the two leads are not only easy on the eyes but give us a go for gold love story of all times with some passionate moments. Zhao Jin Mai is also delightful as Yin Guo, a woman who is an ace in the sport and the true object of affections of this immensely talented man. She knows she has lucked out in love.

An entertaining bromance

Apart from the romance between the leads, we also have an entertaining bromance between the men. Meng Xiao Dong (Wang Xing Yue) is a star billiards player who is also Yin Guo’s cousin and coach. He may well have been the spoil sport, but he changes to being the champion for their cause. Well aware of Lin Yi Yang’s past, he admires him as a player. Though Yi Yang is from a rival club, Xiao Dong tells Yin Guo that he makes a worthy opponent, and Lin Yi Yang’s genius is what the game and the country needs. Though his uptight attitude makes him a bit of a straight jacket, Meng Xiao Dong is actually a softie at heart who is still pining for his ex-girlfriend.

Lin Yi Yang’s senior Jiang Yang (Chen Jing Ke) is Xiao Dong’s arch rival, but for once there are no ego clashes or bad blood, which usually tends to be the norm. Rather, the two come together, their sole agenda being to bring Yi Yang back home. Jiang Yang jokingly tells Xiao Dong that his sister Yin Guo could well be the bait in getting Yi Yang back to the table. It is delightful to see a healthy friendship off field, where all these men bound by the love of the game come together in giving Lin Yi Yang the support to take that leap of faith yet again. Yi Yang, though burdened by his past, is coaxed by both Xiao Dong and Jiang Yang on the possibilities that lie ahead of him.

There’s also his former coach Mr. He, who stands up for him and makes the call to Yin Guo’s mother, a member of the sports board who dislikes Yi Yang, to not let her personal feelings come in the way of profession, which is moving. Yi Yang’s reunion with his coach is one of those memorable scenes that is bound to make you teary.

An uncomplicated narrative

“Amidst a Snowstorm of Love” is an uncomplicated narrative of love and second chances. There are no unnecessary subplots, neither are there scheming troublemakers, wrecking havoc or creating misunderstandings. The story does not shift focus from Lin Yi Yang and Yin Guo and their journey. Yi Yang is well aware that he has to undo the mistakes he has made, which had a lot to do with his own inflexible attitude. He may be calmer and restrained, but he realizes it is difficult to break perceptions, especially with Yin Guo’s mother, a former referee he had offended. Nowhere does the story stretch or meander, but it wholesomely takes the plot forward, with each of the ensemble cast being in the narrative for a purpose, and no irrelevant side stories come in the way. It’s a heartwarming love story and the perfect binge fare for all die-hard romantics.

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