Park Min Young Has A Violent Reaction To Gong Min Jung's Cheating Husband In

Get ready for an intense confrontation on the next episode of tvN’s “Marry My Husband”!

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, “Marry My Husband” tells the revenge story of the terminally ill Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young), who witnesses her best friend Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon) and her husband Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung) having an affair—and is then killed by her husband. When Kang Ji Won is transported 10 years back into the past and gets a second chance at life, she winds up seeking revenge together with her boss Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo).


Previously on “Marry My Husband,” Kang Ji Won fought valiantly to avoid repeating the same life that had ended in tragedy before her miraculous return to the past. After succeeding in getting Jung Soo Min to marry Park Min Hwan in her place, Kang Ji Won was able to live an entirely different life in this second cycle.

However, she soon realized that the tragic fate she had avoided had been transferred to none other than Yang Joo Ran (Gong Min Jung), whom she trusted and relied on. Not only did Yang Joo Ran learn that she had cancer, but it came to light that her irresponsible husband was also cheating on her.

Wracked with guilt over the fact that Yang Joo Ran had wound up bearing the burden of her changed fate, Kang Ji Won did her best to be there for her beloved colleague. She bought a car for the purpose of accompanying Yang Joo Ran to the hospital, and as she knew Yang Joo Ran’s pain all too well from personal experience, she comforted her by offering a shoulder to cry on and encouraging her to let her feelings out.

In the drama’s upcoming episode, Kang Ji Won once again takes an active role in interfering with Yang Joo Ran’s destiny. Enraged by Yang Joo Ran’s husband Lee Jae Won (Jang Jae Ho)’s adultery, Kang Ji Won faces off against him in a fierce confrontation—and in newly released stills from the episode, Kang Ji Won has already done some serious damage to their home with a golf club.

In a scene that eerily resembles the moment from Episode 1 when Park Min Hwan killed Kang Ji Won in her first cycle of life, Kang Ji Won wields a golf club and stares down at a smashed glass coffee table in shock. Meanwhile, Lee Jae Won is visibly terrified as he cowers in fear while pointing a finger at the furious Kang Ji Won.

To find out whether Kang Ji Won will be able to change Yang Joo Ran’s fate the way she changed her own, catch the next episode of “Marry My Husband,” which airs on February 12 at 8:50 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch Park Min Young in her previous drama “Love in Contract” on Viki below:

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