Joo Won Shares Sneak Peek Of His Life As Photographer Dealing With Ghostly Guests In New Drama

ENA’s upcoming drama “The Midnight Studio” has unveiled a sneak peek of Joo Won in character!

“The Midnight Studio” tells the thrilling yet mysterious story about a prickly photographer who runs a professional photo studio that only exists for the deceased and a passionate lawyer as they cross life and death with the night guests. The drama will star Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk, and it will be helmed by director Song Hyun Wook of “Another Oh Hae Young,” “Beauty Inside,” and “The Golden Spoon.”

Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, a photographer and the owner of the mysterious photo studio that only opens at night, catering exclusively to ghostly guests. Seo Ki Joo is the seventh-generation photographer of a ghost-specializing photography studio passed down through his family for generations.

His work begins when souls who are unable to leave this world and ascend to heaven for their own compelling reasons seek refuge within his studio’s walls at night. Seo Ki Joo’s job is to take pictures of his guests with his magical camera and help them ease their desperation. Having to deal with all kinds of guests, even those with entitled attitudes, made his demeanor grow prickly, yet his sincerity to his craft remains unwavering.

When the sun rises, the studio shuts its doors, but Seo Ki Joo’s routine doesn’t return to normalcy. Having witnessed the unseen since childhood, he’s the only human who can listen to the ghosts’ stories, so he often spends his daylight hours with various spirits as well. Despite 20 years of experience operating the studio, he grapples with insomnia and anxiety, haunted by nocturnal disturbances and unexpected attacks. He finds solace only within the chapel, where it is a ghost-free zone, the only place he can sleep peacefully.

Moreover, Seo Ki Joo also harbors an extraordinary secret as enigmatic as his visitors. Tasked with capturing the final moments of ghostly guests for generations, he bears an additional burden—a curse of not being able to live past 35. However, with the arrival of Han Bom (Kwon Nara), a passionate lawyer who possesses extraordinary abilities, Seo Ki Joo sees the possibility that his fate could change.

The production team remarked, “Please anticipate Joo Won’s acting transformation as he embodies this mysterious character and returns to viewers’ screens after nearly a year. We believe his action in facing guests seeking a peaceful departure and attentively listening to their stories will resonate deeply with audiences. We hope you will join us for the opening of ‘The Midnight Studio,’ which is coming up in about a month.”

“The Midnight Studio” is set to premiere on March 11 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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