“My Happy Ending” Teases Son Ho Jun's Reappearance In Future Episodes As Surprising Revelations About His Fate Unfold

As “My Happy Ending” nears its conclusion with just four episodes remaining, the truth behind Son Ho Jun’s fate will finally unfold!

“My Happy Ending” is a psychological thriller about a woman who faces a shocking truth after being betrayed by those she trusted. Jang Nara stars as the fiercely ambitious Seo Jae Won, a self-made furniture company CEO and influencer who has been passionately chasing success after enduring an unfortunate childhood.


Previously on “My Happy Ending,” Seo Jae Won’s relentless revenge mission to uncover the truth behind her husband Heo Soon Young’s (Son Ho Jun’s) suspicious death took a dramatic turn when she was kidnapped by Kwon Young Ik (Kim Myung Soo), leaving viewers pondering how Seo Jae Won will break free from captivity and untangle the web of secrets surrounding her husband’s death.

Adding to the suspense, “My Happy Ending” reveals that Son Ho Jun’s character Heo Soon Young will reappear in Episode 14 as the drama will showcase his character demonstrating unyielding resolve in the pivotal moment before his death. Bound to a chair, the newly released stills bear a striking parallel to Seo Jae Won’s current situation.

In the face of imminent death, Heo Soon Young’s nuanced expression reveals a myriad of complex emotions—anger, sadness, despair, and agony—capturing the depth of his inner turmoil. Who was Heo Soon Young facing just moments before his demise, and what was the confrontation about?

The production team remarked, “As Jang Nara’s character relentlessly pursues the truth behind her husband’s death, Son Ho Jun’s reappearance will infuse the drama with intense immersion. Please look forward to this week’s episodes of ‘My Happy Ending’ for unexpected twists and shocks.”

Episode 13 of “My Happy Ending” will air on February 17, while Episode 14 will air on February 17 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

While waiting, catch up with the drama below:

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