Following the conclusion of MBC’s “ Knight Flower,” the drama’s stars have shared their final thoughts and farewells!

Set in the Joseon era, “Knight Flower” is an action-comedy drama starring Honey Lee as Jo Yeo Hwa, a woman who has lived a quiet and modest life as a virtuous widow by day for 15 years. However, she is secretly leading a double life: at night, she valiantly sneaks out to help those in need.

On February 17, the hit action-comedy drama aired its final episode, which earned the highest viewership ratings of the show’s entire run and also broke the record for the highest viewership ratings of any Friday-Saturday drama in MBC history.

Honey Lee, who impressed with her comedic acting and intense action scenes in the role of Jo Yeo Hwa, remarked, “I am deeply grateful that we were able to safely conclude filming and receive so much love from viewers until the end.”

She continued, “The love from the viewers alone made it all worthwhile and rewarding. It’s hard to believe it’s already over, but I am grateful for the love and support.”

Lee Jong Won, who impressed with his portrayal of military officer Park Soo Ho shared, “While waiting for two episodes of the drama each week, I sometimes wondered, ‘Did I do well?’ But when I actually watched it, memories from the filming process came flooding back, and I watched it while smiling the whole time.”

He added, “It was my first historical drama, and from the day I was cast until the last day of filming, and even until the drama concluded, I don’t think I can forget a single moment. Every moment was joyful and precious.”

Kim Sang Joong, who played the role of villain Seok Ji Sung shared, “I think ‘Knight Flower’ will be remembered as a delightfully refreshing drama. Every moment is stuck in my mind, from the time we started filming until now. ‘Flower That Blooms at Night’ (literal title of ‘Knight Flower’) has now become a flower that blooms during the day as well. I hope everyone welcomes spring like a fragrant flower.”

Lee Ki Woo, who played the King’s right-hand man Park Yoon Hak, remarked, “I think that ‘Knight Flower,’ which is my first-ever historical drama since my debut 20 years ago, will have a very positive impact on my future as an actor. ‘Knight Flower’ gave me the interest and courage to try new things, and I think its fragrance will linger for a long time,” adding, “Thank you for watching and supporting ‘Knight Flower.'”

Finally, Park Se Hyun, who showed perfect chemistry with Honey Lee in the role of Yeon Sun, commented, “I am grateful that the viewers loved and adored Yeon Sun so much. Thanks to the viewers’ love, I was able to wrap up the drama happily.”

She continued, “I believe ‘Knight Flower’ will be remembered for a long time as a drama that can be revisited whenever times get tough. Just as Yeon Sun found happiness by meeting Yeo Hwa, I hope someone as wonderful as Yeo Hwa appears in your lives.”

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