Moon Sang Min Tries To Seduce His Brother's Fake Bride Jeon Jong Seo In

Get ready for an unusual love triangle in tvN’s upcoming drama “Wedding Impossible”!

“Wedding Impossible” is a romantic comedy starring Jeon Jong Seo as Na Ah Jung, an unknown actress who agrees to fake a marriage with her longtime friend Lee Do Han (played by Kim Do Wan).

As the grandson of LJ Group’s chairman, Lee Do Han is a third-generation chaebol heir who is under pressure from his family to get married. Na Ah Jung, who has been friends with Lee Do Han since high school and has known him for 15 years, is the only person who knows his secret. Meanwhile, Lee Do Han has always been supportive of Na Ah Jung’s dreams amidst her struggling career.

It is this close bond and solid foundation of trust that allows Lee Do Han to make Na Ah Jung an unusual proposal: to play the role of his fake wife for three years. As Lee Do Han is desperate and Na Ah Jung’s career is going nowhere, she decides to take him up on his lucrative offer.

However, there is someone who is fervently opposed to this fake union: Lee Do Han’s younger brother Lee Ji Han (played by Moon Sang Min). Lee Ji Han, who has a polar-opposite personality from his brother, is fiercely ambitious—and he is determined to beat out his half-siblings to lay claim to LJ Group.

Out of the desire to make his older brother happy, Lee Ji Han has been secretly plotting to make Lee Do Han the successor who inherits LJ Group—even if Lee Do Han doesn’t share the same idea of “happiness” as him. So when Na Ah Jung enters the picture and threatens to foil all his plans by “marrying” Lee Do Han, Lee Ji Han makes up his mind to prevent their marriage from happening at all costs.


For her part, Na Ah Jung is also annoyed by Lee Ji Han constantly showing up and disturbing her acting. As Na Ah Jung needs to successfully complete her role in order to receive her fee of 2 billion won (approximately $1.5 million), and Lee Ji Han needs to stop their marriage in order to achieve his goal of claiming LJ Group, the two are immediately at odds with one another and initially can’t stop bickering.

However, amidst Lee Ji Han’s desperate attempts to seduce Na Ah Jung, the would-be in-laws unexpectedly get closer and wind up genuinely getting to now one another. Where will this strange love triangle lead—and who will be the one to succeed in their mission?

“Wedding Impossible” will premiere on February 26 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

In the meantime, watch Moon Sang Min in “Duty After School” with subtitles below:

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