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The stars of “My Happy Ending” have shared their final remarks ahead of the drama’s finale!

“My Happy Ending” is a psychological thriller about a woman who faces a shocking truth after being betrayed by those she trusted. Jang Nara stars as the fiercely ambitious Seo Jae Won, a self-made furniture company CEO and influencer who has been passionately chasing success after enduring an unfortunate childhood.


Ahead of the final episode, the main cast of “My Happy Ending” shared their final thoughts on the drama.

Jang Nara, who stars as Seo Jae Won—a character who fights to unearth the truth, shared, “We started filming in April, and there were some difficult content while filming for a long period of time, but we’ve finally reached the end.” Thanking the staff, the actress added, “‘My Happy Ending’ was like a learning experience to me. When I started, I thought it would be very difficult, and while partaking in the project, I had a hard time because it was even harder than I anticipated. There were times I could overcome and times I couldn’t, but I feel as if wrapping up ‘My Happy Ending’ in itself was a great learning experience for me.”

As her most memorable scene, Jang Nara picked the first episode in which her character introduces herself by saying, “Hello, I’m Drev’s CEO Seo Jae Won,” because she practiced the scene by herself so much.

Son Ho Jun, who plays Seo Jae Won’s husband Heo Soon Young, conveyed his bittersweet feelings of having to say farewell to his fellow co-stars and staff. He added, “I think ‘My Happy Ending’ is the project I showcased the most intense emotions. This was a project in which I could find out to what extent I could use that emotion, so I learned a lot. It’s a project that helped me grow.”

Furthermore, Son Ho Jun touched on his most memorable scene by sharing, “After Heo Soon Young learns that his daughter Heo Ah Rin (Choi So Yul) is not his biological daughter, there is a scene in which they converse while his back is turned to Ah Rin, who comes looking for her Dad, and that scene was very painful.” The actor further thanked viewers for tuning in until the end.

So Yi Hyun, who makes a drastic transformation into Kwon Yoon Jin, highlighted how happy she was to play the role. The actress explained, “Filming itself was so enjoyable, and she’s a character I’m very fond of.” She continued, “‘My Happy Ending’ made me feel various complicated emotions,” adding, “It was fascinating and fun to see there were such [new] sides of me while acting.”

As her most memorable scene, So Yi Hyun chose a scene in which her character makes a deal with Nam Tae Joo (Park Ho San) because of how fun but cold the day was when filming. She added, “All the scenes filmed with actress Jang Nara were tense and fun, so I recall every moment.”

Lee Ki Taek, who plays Yoon Tae Oh, expressed his sadness to part with the drama, saying, “Amidst a busy set, I became closer to Tae Oh while working together with and sharing many conversations with the director and senior actors. I want to convey my gratitude.” He continued, “Meeting the role of Yoon Tae Oh itself is something that I’m grateful for, and every scene felt precious and happy, so they are all memorable.”

Kim Hong Fa, who stars as Seo Jae Won’s stepfather Seo Chang Seok, shared, “Seo Chang Seok of ‘My Happy Ending’ is a [type of] character I have not met once during my 35 years as an actor. He is a warmhearted father who loved and made sacrifices for his child and gave his everything.” As his favorite scene, Kim Hong Fa chose the scene in which Seo Jae Won visits Seo Chang Seok in prison. He shared, “I think I cried a lot that day. I felt so sorry and grateful while thinking of my [character’s] daughter, so that left a deep impression on me.”

Park Ho San, who takes on the role of Nam Tae Joo, shared, “[The drama] felt meaningful because through the role of Nam Tae Joo, I could showcase a character I had yet to portray and acting I had yet to try. Director Jo Soo Won ordered me, “I wish [the atmosphere] will feel uneasy when you appear [on screen],’ so I tried to create a dark atmosphere.” As his most memorable scene, Park Ho San chose the scene in which he falls into the water in episode 15 since the temperature of the water was so cold. He added, “Next time, I will greet viewers with a bright and fun role.”

The production team shared, “We express our gratitude to the actors who enthusiastically gave their all with their solid acting skills in ‘My Happy Ending,'” asking viewers to tune into the finale to find out if the drama will see a happy end.

The final episode of “My Happy Ending” will air on February 25 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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