8 Relatable K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Mega Fans Of Other Idols

Idols might seem like they live impossibly amazing lives that fans could never dream of, but it turns out a lot of them are more relatable than you think! Just like you have your idols that you stan, these K-pop stars also have industry leaders that they’re massive fans of. You might even have some of these idols to thank for your fave becoming a star themselves!

1. TXT’s Soobin

TXT’s leader Soobin revealed that he’s been a mega-fan of KARA ever since he was in grade school, when he would save up pocket money to buy their albums. This time, he was lucky enough to meet the KARA members himself, gifting them a handwritten letter backstage at the MAMA awards. He even revealed that he bought 10 albums from the group’s latest comeback – a true fan!

2. STAYC’s Yoon

Not only does Yoon know the lyrics to any (G)I-DLE song, she even knows the choreo! She’s sometimes called the captain of Neverlands because of her dedication. She even has the group’s photocards in the back of her iPad case, just like a true K-pop stan. She even got to collab on a TikTok with (G)I-DLE members, making her the ultimate successful fan!

3. ATEEZ’s Wooyoung

Preparing for STUDIO CHOOM’s “Artist of the Month” is a massive undertaking, and only the best of the best dancers make it to this stage. ATEEZ’s Wooyoung mentioned in his interview that his role model is BTS’s Jimin – as most ATINYs will know, Wooyoung is a massive ARMY! He’s mentioned his love for BTS on multiple occasions, but this interview proves that he’s serious about his idol.

4. ITZY’s Ryujin

Those who are long-time ITZY stans will remember the iconic way that Ryujin was cast as a trainee at JYP Entertainment – at a GOT7 fanmeeting! She’s a big fan of GOT7, formerly a JYP group, and even went to the fanmeeting in secret just to see her favorite idols. She was cast at that very same fanmeeting, so we have GOT7 to thank for bringing Ryujin into ITZY!

5. Stray Kids’ Felix

During his stint on “Pops in Seoul,” Stray Kids’ Felix got the chance to do his very first album unboxing video. Luckily for him, it was an album from a group he’s a super-fan of – TWICE! STAYs often joke that Felix could be TWICE’s 10th member from how well he knows their songs and choreography, and Stray Kids has covered TWICE songs on multiple occasions.


NI-KI, the maknae of ENHYPEN, has never been shy about the fact that he’s a huge fan of SHINee. He even went to a SHINee concert at just 11 years old, proving that he’s been a fan for a super long time! He did a dance cover of SHINee’s song “Lucifer” during an interview with Lee Hyori, proving just how flawlessly he has the choreo memorized. That’s some serious dedication!

7. aespa’s Karina

Girls’ Generation is a legendary K-pop group, so it’s no surprise that there are other idols who are mega-fans too. aespa’s Karina is one of them, and this sweet video shows her finally getting to meet one of her idols – Sooyoung! She even says that she achieved her dream and that Girls’ Generation was the group that made her want to be a singer. She’s a successful fan!

8. BTS’s Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook has made it clear that IU is his number-one idol on many occasions, and he even got to attend her sold-out concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in 2022. Many have called the “Golden Hour” concerts some of the best in K-pop history, so he’s a lucky fan to have been able to attend! He’s also covered IU’s songs casually on occasion, proving that he’s always listening to her music.

Can you think of any other idols that should be on this list? Tell us below!

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