Jo Jung Suk, Shin Se Kyung, And More Bid Farewell To “Captivating The King” With Closing Remarks

The cast of “Captivating the King” have expressed their gratitude and shared their thoughts following the drama’s successful conclusion!

Penned by “The Crowned Clown” writer Kim Sun Deok, “Captivating the King” will tell the love story of King Yi In (Jo Jung Suk), a miserable monarch who feels empty inside despite his high position, and Kang Hee Soo (Shin Se Kyung), whose initial plot of revenge against him transforms into an unexpected attraction.

Earlier on March 3, the drama concluded with its highest rating throughout the entire run, marking a triumphant end. Following the series finale, the cast of “Captivating the King” offered their final remarks, expressing their appreciation for the viewers’ support.

Jo Jung Suk, who showed a charismatic portrayal of King Yi In, reflected, “I experienced all four seasons while filming ‘Captivating the King.’ I want to express my gratitude once again to the hardworking staff and fellow actors who persevered through the cold and heat. Collaborating with such a talented director and writer was truly a pleasure.” Regarding the most memorable scene, he shared, “The ending of the final episode left the deepest impression on me. Despite the bitter cold and fierce winds during filming, I am thankful that the scene turned out beautifully.”

Shin Se Kyung, who brilliantly depicted both Kang Mong Woo and Kang Hee Soo, expressed her gratitude, saying, “I want to express my gratitude to the viewers who have loved ‘Captivating the King.’ I’m thankful for the time we spent, laughing and crying together.” She added, “The reunion scene between Kang Mong Woo and Yi In was the most memorable for me. It served as the catalyst for the emotional climax in Episode 12, so I approached it with great care and consideration.”

Lee Shin Young, who played Kim Myung Ha, shared, “I was excited to step into a historical genre for the first time, but I also felt nervous and had a lot of concerns, thinking about how to approach it.” He continued, “Each time I had concerns, the director, senior actors, and staff were there to help, allowing me to portray Kim Myung Ha well. It was a drama I will never forget and one that I will always be grateful for.”

Park Ye Young, who portrayed Dong Sang Goong, conveyed, “It was truly enjoyable and rewarding to work with senior actors whom I respect.” Actress Jang Young Nam who played Queen Dowager, shared, “It’s regrettable that ‘Captivating the King,’ a production made with all our—the director, staff, fellow actors—hearts over the long period of a year, has come to an end.”

Lee Kyu Hoe, who played Park Jong Hwan, recalled, “I remember starting filming in the blossoming of spring flowers and ending on a wintry day as the snow was falling. Each day of filming was beautiful, and the days spent with the director and fellow actors remain vivid in my memory. As I bid farewell to ‘Captivating the King,’ I hold hope to experience such days again in the future.” Lastly, Yang Kyung Won, who starred as Yoo Hyun Bo, expressed, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of ‘Captivating the King.'”

Watch Jo Jung Suk in “The Nokdu Flower” with subtitles on Viki below:

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Also catch Shin Se Kyung in “Bride of the Water God” below:

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