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Queen of Divorce” features multiple interwoven mysteries carefully planted by the writers since episode 1. These mysteries were set up like dominoes, and as the drama has only two more episodes to go, the dominoes have started to fall. Here are the five major revelations that occurred in episodes 9 and 10.

Warning: mention of suicide.

Spoilers for episodes 9 and 10 ahead. 

Sara Kim’s mother did not die by suicide

Initially, there was confusion among the viewers regarding why Dong Ki Joon (Kang Ki Young) never recognized Park Jung Sook (Kang Ae Shim) when she came to meet him at his office. Considering Sara Kim (Lee Ji Ah) and Ki Joon dated years ago, you would think that he must have met his girlfriend’s mother before. However, this mystery was solved when Sara Kim showed Ki Joon her mother’s photo, indicating he had never seen Jung Sook before. This small revelation led to an even bigger one.

Park Jung Sook, Sara Kim’s mother, was killed at the very beginning of the drama, but her murder was made to look like suicide. The audience knew that this crime was probably committed by Noh Yool Sung (Oh Min Suk) or his mother Chairwoman Cha (Na Young Hee). However, at that time, Sara Kim was in jail and thought her dear mother had died by suicide due to Sara Kim’s jail sentence.

Throughout the drama, the audience had been on the edge of their seats, wondering when the truth behind Jung Sook’s death would finally be revealed. It finally happened in last week’s episode when Sara Kim identified her mother in the CCTV video recording of Dong Ki Joon’s prosecution office.

It was sad to see Sara Kim getting to know that her mother was brutally murdered after she had finally made peace with her death. However, hopefully this revelation will help Jung Sook get justice.

Chairwoman Cha being behind both murders

One of the things that viewers speculated during the premiere week of “Queen of Divorce” was the identity of the person who killed Na Yu Mi (Jung Han Bit), the mistress of Noh Yool Sung, and Jung Sook, Sara Kim’s mother. Last week’s episodes finally revealed that mystery as well.

Firstly, we see a flashback of Yool Sung talking to his right-hand man, instructing him to get rid of Yu Mi. At first, this made me believe that he might be behind the death of his mistress. However, to everyone’s surprise, that is not the case. Yu Mi is killed by a taxi driver, who tries to make it look like a case of suicide. The only question remaining was who hired the killer, and it turns out, it was Chairwoman Cha.

Similarly, viewers were also misled into thinking that Yool Sung was the perpetrator behind the death of Sara Kim’s mother. However, Sara Kim checked his schedule on the day of her mother’s death, and he was apparently somewhere else.

Noh Yool Sung is partially innocent

As discussed earlier, Yool Sung was most likely unaware of Chairwoman Cha’s plan to kill Yu Mi and Jung Sook. However, Yool Sung being partially innocent doesn’t mean that he is suddenly a great character. He is still a cheater who was involved in an extramarital affair. He is still the same person who was blinded by greed and let his innocent wife go to jail for his mother’s validation. Additionally, he is still the same person who blackmailed his wife using his son’s name.

While not placing the blame for Chairwoman Cha’s sins on Yool Sung, he might not have personally given the orders to kill these innocent people. However, if he had never had an affair with Yu Mi, she might still be alive. Moreover, if he had spoken up to his mother and taken care of his wife and her mother like a good husband and son-in-law, Jung Sook might not have been killed either.

However, this plot decision is particularly significant because it makes Yool Sung more human and less like a caricature.

Sara Kim and Dong Ki Joon lacking common sense

Despite every character telling us how genius and intelligent Sara Kim is, her actions speak a different language. And now, Ki Joon has also been affected by the same viral disease.

In last week’s episode, Sara Kim and her team finally found an eyewitness, Bae So Hee (Kim Jae Eun), who could help them take down Yool Sung and Chairwoman Cha. Sara Kim and Ki Joon find out that the girl is being stalked by a man who claims to be in love with her. Additionally, Yool Sung’s right-hand man is also after her.

In a situation like this, the first step should be to transfer the eyewitness to a safer place where they cannot be harmed. And this is what Sara Kim suggests. She tells So Hee that Solution will help relocate her to a safer house. But they send So Hee to get her stuff from her old house on her own at nighttime. And this is what leads her to get killed. Like that, Sara Kim has lost her one hope of solving the case. This entire situation could have been avoided if only Sara Kim and Ki Joon had not left So Hee alone.

Jang Hee Jin

Ever since the character of the manager Jang Hee Jin (Kim Si Hyun) was introduced, the audience has been wondering why the team could not see that Jang Hee Jin was working for Yool Sung. Finally, last week, Sara Kim realized the truth behind Jang Hee Jin. Hopefully, she will not be able to infiltrate Solution anymore.

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