aespa's Karina Apologizes To Fans In Heartfelt Letter Following Dating News

aespa’s Karina has penned a handwritten apology to her fans after going public with her relationship.

Last week, Karina and Lee Jae Wook confirmed a report by Dispatch that they recently began dating after meeting at the Prada fashion show in Milan this past January.

On March 5, Karina took to Instagram to share a heartfelt letter to her fans in which she apologized for surprising and disappointing them.

Karina’s full letter is as follows:

Hello, this is Karina.

First, I apologize for surprising you greatly, and I wound up [writing this] late because I feel very cautious towards the MYs [aespa’s fans] who must have been very surprised.

I know very well how disappointed the MYs who have supported me up until now must be, and I also know that they are feeling upset while thinking back on the things we’ve said to one another. I feel even more sorry because I, too, understand those feelings all too well.

I wound up writing this letter in the hopes of conveying my feelings even a little bit.

Even though I’m worried that this [letter] may hurt [MYs] one more time, the reason I’m taking the risk and writing this is because I wanted to convey that I am sincerely sorry to the fans who gifted me with the warmest winter of my life from the moment I debuted.

Starting now, I want to do a good job filling the places where MYs have been wounded. I have always been sincere towards MYs, and even now, each and every one of you is truly precious to me.

Although this letter may be too short to express all of my feelings, thank you for reading it. In the future, I want to show you a more mature side, without disappointing MYs, as I work even harder in my activities.

MYs, please make sure to eat well, and let’s meet one another in good shape. I’m sorry, and I’m very grateful.

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